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Squid-Rig Balaena Attachment

The aptly named Squid-Rig is an all-purpose attachment for the Balaena Industrious Platform which can be mounted just behind the cab and fits with most other equipment sets when also attached. It was designed by Galactic Horizon shortly after the Barrus was completed as the first set of optional equipment allowing the vehicle to perform more tasks.

About the Squid-Rig

Designed in YE 40 shortly after the Balaena Industrious Platform, the Squid-Rig's goal was to allow the base vehicle more freedom in the actions it could perform and make it more valuable and practical in many situations. The attachment consists of 10 hydraulic arms which each attach to a different point on the Barrus tray, spread out with 5 on either side for maximum coverage. Each arm is 1 meter in length with the ability to telescope out up to 4 meters.


The Squid-Rig itself is not all one piece of equipment and rather is 10 individual telescopic arms which are each mounted to an outside point on the Balaena Industrious Platform. Each arm is a flat grey colour with bright yellow hazard stripes around the joints and moving parts to alert mechanics of the danger areas when working on them.

Each arm is equipped with a 4 point hand system at its end with 2 fingers and 2 thumbs. Each set (running horizontal across the vehicle, one left one right) also contains a secondary attachment on its upper arm just below the hand. Further down at the base of the arm is a manual control panel for use as emergency shut off/override or for manual control by several people during complex tasks.

Arm set Attachment
1 High powered LED light
2 Circular saw1)
3 Welding apparatus
4 Pressurised hose line2)
5 Power cable and smaller LED light

Statistics and Information

Basic relevant information about the device including both general info and product specifications.

When attached to the Balaena this attachment has no noticeable effect on speed but will decrease the the length of time the vehicle's charge will last by 2 hours through passive energy use. Using the mechanical arms for 1 hour sustained will drain 30 minutes of the Balaena's charge.

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metal, rock, wood ect
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