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Custom Model 007 - Sonic Aggression Turret

The Sonic Aggression Turret was designed by Galactic Horizon in late YE 40 at the request of Kirinov Automotive Servicer and Supplier for one of their upcoming law enforcement vehicles.

About the Sonic Aggression Turret

After moving out to Neshaten territory, Galactic Horizon was put on somewhat of a defensive. While they'd been welcomed in and allowed to settle on an uninhabited planet in Neshaten space, that didn't mean Galactic Horizon could start throwing sales pitches to their new lords. Not even a month since their arrival, however, and Kirinov Automotive] had taken interest in their potential for implementation into their own designs, thus the idea for the Sonic Turret was born. Using the existing technology from the Sonic Suppression Rifle and the Sonic Defender Gauntlet, the Horizon team was able to easily create a turret with longer range.

The Sonic Aggression Turret, like its two predecessors, is a directed acoustic weapon designed to disorientate and confuse - or, on rare occasions, injure its targets - with high-pitched sound waves. Unlike the rifle and gauntlet, however, the turret operates at a higher output for both range and area of effect as it relies on the power of the vehicle it's mounted to and not onboard systems.

Nomenclature Information

General information about the Sonic Aggression Turret, including its designer, manufacturer, and nomenclature tag.


The Sonic Aggression Turret is a short weapon as turrets go, as it measures only 1 meter in length and has no discernible barrel to help distinguish it from other technology. The turret is box-like in overall design and consists of a collection of 6 cylinders, each of which leads into a single large projection dish.

The 6 cylinders are housed within a low profile black casing which acts as a kind of shielding for the internal components and there is no scope or any exterior attachments. The casing itself is not a perfect prism and instead is made up of an aggressively defined line composition in a rough rectangular prism.

Discharge Information

General information about the discharge of the weapon, including details of visible and audible actions and effective ranges.

  • Muzzle Flash: Slight ripples in the air similar to heat waves.
  • Retort: To anyone outside of the target area the retort is a low but loud humming for the duration of each burst.
  • Effective Range 150 meters3)
  • Rate of Fire: Can fire continuously for up to 30 seconds at a time which will incur a 10-second cooldown to maintain the integrity of the delicate components.
  • Recoil: Minimal recoil in a vertical direction.

Energy Source

In the target area, the pitch and decibel of the weapon can cause nausea and headaches almost instantly without high-level ear protection. At point blank, these sound waves are capable of killing an individual by way of disrupting and damaging internal organs.

  • Power Source: Must be wired into its host platform's power source.
  • Purpose: Tier 4, Light Anti-Armor4)

Weapon Mechanisms

General descriptions about how the weapon functions and cycles.

  • Firing Mechanism: When the trigger is activated the numerous speakers within the cannon activate instantly, generating whatever decibel and hertz configuration have been pre-programmed. When the trigger is released there are no secondary actions required to ready the weapon for another burst.
  • Loading: The turret requires an isolator switch to be deactivated after the vehicle is turned on and then takes 2 minutes to perform its initial charge and system check.
  • Safety Mechanism: An isolator switch is built into the turret which completely disconnects its power supply when the switch is activated.
  • Weapon Sight: A small LCD screen is built into the passenger seat dashboard which shows the digital projection of the weapon when fired at that exact moment. It uses several cameras on the turret itself to overlay the projection onto the exterior environment.


General information about the pricing of ammo, attachments, and replacement parts.

  • Sonic Aggression Turret: 3,000 RN

OOC Notes

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Roughly equivalent to 3.3 feet.
Roughly equivalent to 26.5 pounds.
Roughly equivalent to 492.1 feet.
Note that acoustic waves generally are not lethal unless at an extremely close range on high power and this rating gives an indication of the kind of penetrating power it has against individuals.

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