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Sonic Defender Gauntlet

Designed in YE 40 by Galactic Horizon the Sonic Defender is a forearm weapon for power armours intended for close quarter combat scenarios. Compacting the original Sonic Rifle design into a smaller more efficient design and applying it to the gauntlet of a power armour to create an effective subduing system.

About the Sonic Defender

The Sonic Defender was developed specifically as a close quarters backup plan for power armours with less mobility but work with most models. Providing a powerful sonic blast to knock back hostiles as well as disorientate them the Sonic Defender is an efficient tool for bulkier style suits that struggle at close quarters against faster enemies.

Using a ring of specialised tone emitters at the base of the wrist to deliver the bursts in a wide cone. To manually fire the weapon the user must make a fist and punch in the direction they wish to fire in, alternatively if the suit has neural capabilities these can be used to operate it.

The Sonic Defender is designed to be a single item on a PA and should not be equipped on both hands, this will result in severe damage to the suits internal power systems and wiring. It also greatly increases the potential of an audio feedback malfunction which will deafen the user and may cause physical brain damage.

Nomenclature Information

General information on nomenclature and other basic information.

  • Designer: Galactic Horizon
  • Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
  • Name: Sonic Defender Gauntlet
  • Nomenclature: GH-M2-W4004
  • Type: Gauntlet (sonic)
  • Role: CQC backup plan
  • Length: Covers the forearm and adds an extra 2cm to radius
  • Mass: 7kg


The SDG has no set size or colour as it's built as a part of the armour it's intended to be used on however there is uniform traits that make them standout. Each gauntlet is thicker than the counterpart of the armour, the forearm is also distinctly bigger than the wrist by 2cm in diameter. This extra size around the base of the forearm is to house the audio emitters

The hand portion of the gauntlet also stands out as being a more heavy duty style of joints and design with less finger movement available than a standard glove. This extra reinforcement is to prevent the users hand from being injured when firing, as the gauntlet is intended for use by the off hand the lower range of finger movement is generally unobtrusive during combat.

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Discharge Information

General information of the discharge of the gauntlet.

  • Muzzle Flash: A small, bright flash and ripple of the soundwaves leaving the barrel.
  • Retort: A short loud tone designed to disorientate the target.
  • Projectile/Beam Appearance: Barely visible, a ripple similar to heat haze.
  • Effective Range 10m
  • Rate of Fire: 3 bursts per minute.
  • Recoil: Some recoil akin to a bolt action rifle in a direct opposite pattern to the direction it's fired.

Energy Source

Each burst is powerful enough to knock over smaller power armour targets and will knock larger ones off balance as well as play havoc with audio sensors potentially destroying any that are not built to survive extreme tones.

  • Energy Source: Is charged via Galactic Horizon Energy Cores mounted to the suit.
  • Purpose: Tier 4 - Light Anti-Armour
  • Round Capacity: One energy core will supply enough charge for 30 bursts

Weapon Mechanisms

General information about the mechanisms within the gauntlet

  • Firing Mechanism: The gauntlet must charge for 15 seconds prior to firing but can store this charge indefinitely allowing for pre-engagement charges to be performed. It is capable of continuously charging and firing immediately to achieve the 3rnd/m fire rate.
  • Loading: The gauntlet draws power directly from an energy core.
  • Safety Mechanism: The connection to the energy core is dissconneted to initiate safety mode.
  • Weapon Sight: Point with your fist and deliver righteous judgement of the gods


Pricing information on the gauntlet and replaceable components.

  • Sonic Defender Gauntlet: 1500KS
Replaceable Parts and Components
  • Wiring: 500KS
  • Audio Emitters: 500KS

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