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“Mmf!”; when you're too hurt to talk, just spray it on and walk it off!“

MultiMendFoam (more commonly known as MMF) is a self-sealing, space-filling coagulant and an antibacterial, tissue-regenerative polymer foam designed and mass produced by Galactic Horizon as a form of medical first-aid. This foam holds damaged organs in place as well as helping stop bleeding and haemorrhaging. The medicinal compound is regenerative fluid in a polyethyltriphosphate foaming medium dispensed via nitrous oxide-fired applicators.

MultiMendFoam is an Over the counter product that is available to the open market as of mid YE 40.

Designer: Galactic Horizon
Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
Nomenclature: GH-U5-5O
Pricing: Varies, Smallest Quantity is 2L for 25ks


MultiMendFoam is sold in a compressed liquid form with the intention of being loaded into nitrous oxide fired applicators that are loaded up with an expansion agent and liquid polyethyltriphosphate. The two mix and are exposed to air when MultiMendFoam is applied to a wound, immediately producing a foaming reaction. The foam easily adheres to tissue and simultaneously releases a clotting agent, regenerative fluid and painkillers to numb, clean and help heal the wound.

After five seconds, the applied foam sets and becomes a semi-rigid, porous mass internally which cures into a hardened skin on regions of the body that are exposed to air.

The foam is temporary and after a time, usually a few hours, it breaks down harmlessly and therefore is only used as an “in the moment” fix until proper medical attention can be sought. An allergy to this product has been noted in extremely rare cases, Edema is another rare side-effect, caused by excess fluid being trapped in the body’s tissue.


MultiMendFoam has a few medical applications, it can be used on a limb with broken bones to act as a rudimentary cast, applied to an open would to act as a sealant until proper medical attention can be sought, applied to burns to soothe and many more!

Only a few drops of the compressed liquid need to be used to plug up a small bullet hole - otherwise the remaining, unused liquid has no expiry date.

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