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Shooting Star Machine Gun

Designed in YE 40 by Galactic Horizon the Shooting Star Machine Gun was created as a unique flak cannon weapon primarily intended for use on fighters however the model can be scaled to fit slightly larger craft. Combining the fire rate of a slow machine gun with the shrapnel style munitions used in anti-air flak installations, the Shooting Star provides a sustainable spread which can be used tactfully in many situations.

About the Shooting Star

Designed after the Orbit Jumper Missile System the Shooting Star was designed to compliment the missile system by providing a close range deterrence. This flak can also be used to clear out large squads of enemy personal armours if needed.

The primary purpose of the Shooting Star is a support role with its sustainable fire being useful in preventing enemy shields from regenerating along with destroying slower moving munitions such as missiles.

Nomenclature Information

  • Designer: Galactic Horizon
  • Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
  • Name: Shooting Star Machine Gun
  • Nomenclature: GH-V1-W4001
  • Type: Projectile
  • Role: Flak cannon
  • Length: 1m
  • Mass: 18kg


Resembling a small artillery cannon the Shooting Star has a telescopic barrel to compensate for recoil housed within a circular casing which can be easily installed on the wing or hull of any viable space craft. With the main body able to rotate freely 360 degrees the weapons is able to be used both defensively and offensively.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: A wide yellow/orange flash is emitted from the barrel for every shot
  • Retort: A low thumping sound is emitted for every shot
  • Projectile/Beam Appearance: Standard: dull grey slugs, Tracer: dull grey slugs with red tails, both types have a set spread pattern to maximise coverage while maintaining accuracy up to 400m
  • Effective Range 400m1)
  • Rate of Fire: 3rnd/sec or 180rnd/min


Flak Rounds Damage Quickchart
Mode Purpose
Standard 5
Condensed Spread 6

The standard flak mode is primarily used to attack exposed space craft but can be used tactically to prevent enemy shields from regenerating by maintaining consistent yet minor damage. This mode can also be used as a manual method of destroying incoming missiles and slower moving physical projectiles.

The condensed spread as its name suggests, concentrates the spread of the slugs to allow for focused fire on enemy hulls. While not an armour piercing weapon by design fire condensed into a smaller are it is able to strip away hull armour creating openings for further damage.

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: After each shot the belt feeds the next round into the barrel
  • Loading: Each gun housing is fitted with space for 3 boxes of belt stored rounds which must be replaced before each mission by opening the housing and securing the end of each belt into a specific slot
  • Mode Selector: manually operated by the pilot of the respective craft
  • Firing Modes: Fully automatic with used amount defined by length of time the β€œtrigger” is held
  • Safety Mechanism: If emergency protocols are activated by the ship the weapon is attached to it will shut down external features.
  • Weapon Sight: A target reticule and any necessary calculations are displayed on the pilots HUD if applicable or otherwise on the ships displays


  • Shooting Star Machine Gun: 8 000KS
Replaceable Parts and Components
  • Barrel: 800KS
  • Timing system: 2 000KS
  • Spread controller: 2 000KS
  • Extensive internal wiring: 1 200KS
  • Targeting/calculation system: 2 000KS
Flak Round Price Quickchart
Type Price (100 Round Box)
Standard 5 000KS
Tracer 7 500KS

OOC Notes

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this range does not change in or out of atmosphere and is calculated by spread rather than velocity

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