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Albatross Anti Starship Laser Array

The Albatross Anti Starship Laser Array, more commonly known as the Albatross or the AASLA, is an anti-starship beam weapon designed and developed by Galactic Horizon in YE 40 to be mounted to vehicles, starships or larger mecha. It fires in a continuous beam from the large focal point at the front.

About the AASLA

The AASLA is a concentrated laser beam weapon designed and developed by Galactic Horizon in YE 40 to combat mechs, vehicles and smaller space craft.

Nomenclature Information

Below is nomenclature information for the AASLA:


The AASLA is a rather unassuming metal rectangular cuboid with various hook-ups for power and data scattered around it. A circular lens of a brilliant ruby hue sits on one end with the opposite end being a large vent that excess heat escapes through in addition to a few venting ports closer to the front.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: A thick column of crimson energy from the front of the weapon.
  • Retort: A “bweee” sound that builds in intensity as the weapon is charged, followed by a horribly loud “BWAAAAAAAAAAAA” for the duration of the beam.
  • Beam Appearance: a 1 meter wide, crimson beam with a white center
  • Effective Range 3,000 meters
  • Rate of Fire: One 5 second burst of energy and then five seconds for it to cool down, the weapon may be fired in shorter bursts with proportionately shorter cooling periods or longer at the risk of damaging internal components. (counts as one tier 10 hit per second)


The only ammunition limit for this weapon is how much energy is available to it.

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Loading Mechanism: Energy is fed from whatever power source, to the weapon via connected power lines, feeding energy to the laser array as it is needed.
  • Loaded: Power lines are connected to the weapon via magnetic clamps.
  • Mode Selector: The weapon is controlled via software and is either powered and ready to fire, or deactivated and waiting to be turned on.
  • Safety Mechanism: Temperature sensors warn the shooter when the weapon is overheating and requires a manual input to stop it from shutting down for cooling once it reaches a harmful threshold.
  • Weapon Sight: The weapon has no built-in sights and therefore relies on the targeting systems of whatever it is connected to.

Replacement Parts and Components

  • Assorted sensors and wiring: 1,500ks
  • Focussing Lens: 500ks
  • Power Supply System: 2,500ks

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