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Sonic Suppression Rifle

The Sonic Suppression Rifle is a riot suppression weapon using infra and ultrasonic waves over a range of frequencies and decibels to incapacitate or kill targets. It was brought into production in early YE 40 by its designer Galactic Horizon and is currently used by their security staff as well as being for sale for any groups who wish to purchase it.

About the SSR

The “low-tech” design and function of the SSR is owed partly to the resources available to Galactic Horizon along with the company directive to achieve the most while using the least, offering an efficient product while expending little resources is a prime way to achieve this.

Function Utilising a multitude of high frequency emitters within the body of the rifle the SSR produces a tone which is then boosted through several small speakers before being projected into the dish and focused into a “beam”. Selecting fire mode does not alter the decibel but rather extends charge time and the “density” of the shot by causing higher air wave vibrations with prolonged frequency exposure.

History As Galactic Horizon grew and developed it soon made plans to bolster its security staff in preparation for its new research labs, with the security upgrade in mind the team designed a fairly basic weapon with the capacity for non-lethal use. After the plans had been finalised Kryss Black consulted Uso and requested a loan big enough to cover the construction of a small production facility in exchange for first dibs on the SSR models produced before public release.

After completing the first batch of prototypes and perfecting the design to avoid any unwanted errors during use Horizon kept their end of the deal and produced as many models as requested by Uso without releasing the product to the public market. Once the preliminary models were complete it was released for public consumption in order to help repay the loan and generate revenue to fund an increase in staff and the new production facility.

Nomenclature Information

General list containing information about the groups involved with the weapon design and production along with listing the weapon type and physical statistics.

  • Designer: Galactic Horizon
  • Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
  • Name: Sonic Suppression Rifle
  • Nomenclature: GH-W1-2a
  • Type: Sonic
  • Role: Riot Suppression, alternative warfare
  • Dimensions: 45cm long, 12cm diameter,1)
  • Mass: 3.3kg or 7.3lbs


Main cylinder body 40cm long and 12cm across with little external markings creating an overall sleek outer look, wider wave focusing dish on the end 5cm long and 22cm across with a central protrusion to assist in wave focusing. Grip hardpoint located just behind the dish with the underbarrel hardpoint just behind that, at the back of the body is the pistol-grip and trigger along with the optional stock. On the right side of the barrel is the insertion point for energy cores which powers the gun.

Discharge Information

General information describing the various visual and physical effects of firing the weapon both to the user and area around them.

  • Muzzle Flash: When fired there is no visible light but rather a brief distortion of the air around the dish similar to a heat haze.
  • Retort: When fired there will be an initial low boom followed by a semi lingering high pitch tone in the immediate vicinity.
  • Projectile/Beam Appearance: The burst of sound waves has no colour or clearly discernible size and appears as a rough cylinder of distorted air again similar to a heat haze due to the waves being so many packed into a condensed blast.
  • Effective Range Effective up to 100m with the danger zone being below 10 meters.
  • Rate of Fire: 1 blast every 3 seconds for small charges and 1 blast per 10 seconds for large charges.
  • Recoil: The weapon pushes back directionally opposite to where it was pointed with force varying from 0.4 ft-lbs and 0.1ft/s for a small charge to 3.2ft-lbs and 4.3ft/s for a large charge.

Energy Source

  • Energy Consumables: GH Energy Cores
  • Purpose: Tier 2 anti-personnel
  • Round Capacity: 40 charges (small) or 10 charges (large) per energy core.
Firing Modes Damage Quickchart
Mode Purpose
Small charge Tier 1 light anti-personnel
Large charge Tier 2 heavy anti-personnel

Weapon Mechanisms

A list of the basic functions performed by the user and/or the weapon at the designated stage of equipment operation, also includes pre operation mechanisms which have an effect on the outcome.

  • Firing Mechanism: Using a rechargeable energy core the SSR works by drawing energy and using it to form ultrasonic and infrasonic pulses which vary in size and power. The weapon must be set to either small or large pulse before it is charged which affects the severity of the pulse and charge time, after a charge has been fired the weapon can immediately begin charging for the next shot, a charge will fire as soon as it is complete and can’t be held for any length of time.
  • Loading: A cylindrical energy core is slotted into the body of the weapon horizontally from the side where a magazine would go.
  • Mode Selector: Each energy core must be activated before it is loaded in addition to a small and unobtrusive three stage switch on the body of the weapon which dictates charge time with intervals of, locked, 3 seconds and 10 seconds.
  • Firing Modes: Small charge: designed to incapacitate small groups and individual targets at close to medium range with the intent to non-lethally subdue. Large charge: designed to incapacitate or injure large groups and protected targets with the intent to injure or maim without being fatal or life threatening.
  • Weapon Sight: due to the nature and dimensions of the weapon no physical sights are included.
  • Attachment Hard Points: a single grip hardpoint for interchanging secondary grips, a single hardpoint for attaching a stock, a single underbarrel hardpoint for attaching up to 3 spare energy core holders.


  • Sonic Emitters: Using a variety of high powered tone emitters the rifle is able to focus the synchronised frequency and decibel through the focusing dish on the end of the weapon in order to produce a projectile burst of ultra or infrasonic waves.2)


A list of pricing for the base model weapon, its replaceable components and optional extras for reference when outfitting characters and NPCs with this weapon.

  • Sonic Suppression Rifle: 1250KS
Replaceable Parts and Components
  • Dish: 400KS
  • Trigger mechanism:100KS
  • Wide dish replacement: 300KS
  • Focused dish replacement: 300KS
Optional Attachments
  • Extra core storage: 200KS
  • Straight grip or potato grip: 150KS
  • Stock: 150KS

List of current ammunition types available for compatible use with the weapon along with the price of purchasing a set of 100.

SSR ammo Quickchart
Type Price (100 Round Box)
Rechargeable Energy Core 20 000KS

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dish has diameter of 22cm
see Wikipedia Article for more IRL details on function and affects

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