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Sport Shot 7.62

The Sport Shot is a bolt action rifle made by Galactic Horizon in YE 40 and chambered in 7.62 x 51 mm KZ rounds, it is a sturdy and punchy rifle available on the open market for the masses.


Galactic Horizon decided to begin making firearms in YE 40 for them to use both around the base and on expeditions, it was designed to be a tough and durable weapon that could handle being thrown around and keep on firing afterwards – chambered in 7.62 KZ due to the sheer abundance of that particular cartridge, so they tapped into the market of an already popular round instead of opting to make some new, obscure bullet that wouldn't be as well known or have a pre-existing reputation like the 7.62.

Ex-Saint operative Terrins Dassau of Galactic Horizon’s security force had a lot of input on the weapon's design due to his somewhat “advanced” experience with firearms.

Designer: Galactic Horizon
Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
Name: Sport Shot 7.62
Price: 250KS
Nomenclature: GH-W2-3E
Type: Bolt Action Marksman Rifle
Role: Marksman Rifle
Length: 44.3 inches (1,126mm)
Weight: 9.2 lb (4.1 kg) empty 10.7 lb (4.85 kg) w/ loaded magazine


The body of the weapon is available in either a polymer or partial wood finish, the receiver is blocky looking while the stock and body are smooth which gives the weapon a somewhat jury-rigged appearance.

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Discharge Information
Muzzle Flash: A cone of fire 5 cm in length that widens and dissipates as it goes away from the barrel
Retort: A short lived “Bamf” noise
Effective Range: 600m
Maximum Range: 1300m
Rate of Fire: Rate of fire depends on the user’s ability to cycle in the next shot
Recoil: the rifle kicks back with 10lbs of recoil


The 7.62 x 51 mm Ketsurui Zaibatsu is one of the most common rifle cartridges around, the fact that it is relatively inexpensive and hard-hitting meant that it was perfect for Galactic Horizon to chamber their first rifle in.

Ammunition: 7.62 x 51 KZ
Description: Standard full metal jacket 7.62 x 51 mm cartridge
Damage: DRv3 Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel
Round Capacity: 15 rounds in a double-stacked mag

Weapon Mechanisms

Firing Mechanism: - Bolt-action.

The bolt consists of a tube of metal inside of which the firing mechanism is housed, and which has at the front or rear of the tube several metal knobs, or “lugs”, which serve to lock the bolt in place. The bolt is manually rotated and pulled back. When this happens, the round in an internal or box magazine is pushed up via tension in the spring in said magazine. When the bolt is pushed forward, it pushes the round into the chamber and locks once rotated into the proper position. All types of firearms have bolt-action varieties, but bolt actions are most common in rifles.

Loading: The mag-release near the trigger is depressed to release the previous magazine before the next one is inserted – the bolt is rotated 90degrees upwards and pulled back to pull a round before being pushed forward and being rotated 90degrees down to chamber the round.

Press the magazine release on the underside of the rifle to eject the previous mag and then slide a new one up, into the cavity, ensuring it is locked in before cycling a round and firing.

The bolt must be cycled each time before firing.

Firing Modes: Single shot bolt action and safety
Safety Mechanism: The safety is located near the trigger, it is a simple switch that shows an orange strip of colour when off and a green strip when the safety is on
Weapon Sight: A two-pronged rear sight post lines up with with a circle upon the front post, in addition the rifle has a rail that optics can be mounted to
Attachment Hard Points: The rifle has a rail along the top for alternate optics to be mounted as well as a hardpoint at each end for a weapon sling to be attached


The Sport Shot 7.62 is sold for 250KS per unit.

Replaceable Parts and Components

Listed below are replacement parts for the Sport Shot 7.62 as well as prices for said parts.

Extra Barrel: 60KS

Trigger mechanism: 75KS

Cured and sealed wood grip components: 40KS

Painted polymer grip components: 40KS

Extra-padded Stock Base: 15KS

Optional Attachments

Listed below are optional attachments and accessories for the Sport Shot 7.62 as well as prices for said optional parts.

3-9×45 Variable Zoom Telescopic Sight: has a MOASS 80KS

Holographic sight: 30KS

Synthetic Leather rifle sling: 20KS

Genuine Leather rifle sling: 30KS

Carry case with room for 4 +1mags1): 80KS

Magazine: 10KS

Bipod: 30KS

Genuine Leather belt with room for 4 mags: 50KS

Synthetic Leather belt with room for 4 mags: 40KS

Flash Suppressor: 150KS

Sound Suppressor: 150KS

Full Supression Kit: 250KS

Rifle Bag with extra pockets: 40KS


Below is information regarding the ammunition that this rifle is chambered in:

7.62 x 51 mm Price Quickchart
Type Price (100 Round Box)
7.62 x 51 KZ Price Varies but usually relatively cheap

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DRv3 Tier 1, Light Personnel

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