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Singularity Infrared Sniper Rifle

The Singularity IR was designed in YE 40 and is manufactured on an order by order basis by Galactic Horizon. The simulated sniper rifle was designed to go within the laser tag game as part of the Horizon made equipment line.

It is not an exclusive item and is available for purchase by any group, its design and built in anti-tamper measures make it impossible to reverse engineer or upgrade into a lethal weapon.

About the Singularity IR

When searching for a unique event to hold for the quarterly staff social event the team at Horizon settled on Laser Tag, at the suggestions of many it was decided they would create their own equipment set and then sell it commercially making a fun social along with a new business product in one go.

The Singularity IR offers an incentive for users to go long range with this weapon, instead of being more powerful at short range it is instead weaker with the beam gaining more strength as range increases. The Singularity is for those who like to sit in a high perch and pick off their enemies with 1 shot 1 kill to the head, best suited to larger multi level playing fields.

Nomenclature Information

General list containing information about the groups involved with the weapon design and production along with listing the weapon type and physical statistics.

  • Designer: Galactic Horizon
  • Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
  • Name: Singularity IR
  • Nomenclature: GH-W2-1x
  • Type: IR Laser
  • Role: Simulated Sniper Rifle
  • Length: 30ich
  • Weight: 8kg


With a 30inch overall length the Singularity is designed as a long range weapon in a shorter package, mostly to reduce weight and issues when wielding. The barrel is contained within an alloy framework which then joins the main body of the weapon. With a compression stock to accommodate recoil and an electronic targeting scope with hyper precise range-finding the body makes up just under half of the total length of the weapon.

Art by Banzz

Discharge Information

General information describing the various visual and physical effects of firing the weapon both to the user and area around them.

  • Muzzle Flash: A small flash around the barrel only visible on the infrared spectrum
  • Retort: The built in sound card produces an audible “Zang” with every shot, see destiny sniper rifle sounds
  • Projectile/Beam Appearance: A single green beam that gains intensity with range
  • Effective Range: Designed for any length however it excels at distances of 30m and up
  • Rate of Fire: Bolt action 20rnd/m or 1rnd/3sec
  • Recoil: Artificial recoil imitating the strength of a real gun at 28ft.lbs.

Energy Source

The Energy source used to power the weapon as well it's max use before reload and damage guide.

Weapon Mechanisms

A list of the basic functions performed by the user and/or the weapon at the designated stage of equipment operation, also includes pre operation mechanisms which have an effect on the outcome.

  • Firing Mechanism: If “loaded” pulling the trigger will fire a singles shot, bolt action will reset the weapon for another shot
  • Loading: An Ammunition Core is inserted into underside at the rear end of the barrel where it connects a circuit and powers the weapon, the bolt must be used once in order to load the weapon
  • Mode Selector: a small 2 setting switch located on the left side of the weapons body, when vertical the weapon is in safety and when horizontal the safety is off
  • Firing Modes: Safety and bolt action, required to be manually readied after each shot drops fire rate with the advantage of large distance between user and target
  • Weapon Sight: Standard issue is a 4x ACOG scope
  • Attachment Hard Points: 1 rail on top of the body for sights, 1 rail on underside for grips, 1 shorter rail either side of the barrel for lights and lasers


Any non standard mechanisms or systems included within the system.

  • IR Laser: An infrared laser emitter within the gun acts as the “lethal” aspect firing a beam to simulate live munitions, in the Singularity this beam gains strength as distance travelled increases making it a lethal long range choice


A list of pricing for the base model weapon, its replaceable components and optional extras for reference when outfitting characters and NPCs with this weapon.

  • Singularity IR: 800KS1)
Replaceable Parts and Components

Any key pieces of the weapon that can be replaced if damaged or worn out.

  • Soundcard: 50KS
  • Motor: 100KS
  • IR Laser: 150KS
Optional Attachments

Any additional extra pieces which increase effectiveness or efficiency of the weapon.

  • Holosight: 30KS
  • 8x Hunting scope: 40KS
  • Tactical light: 30KS
  • Tactical laser2): 20KS
  • Angled grip: 30KS
  • Bipod: 30KS
  • Stock: 40KS

List of current ammunition types available for compatible use with the weapon along with the price of purchasing a set of 100.

SSR ammo Quickchart
Type Price (100 Round Box)
Rechargeable Energy Core 20 000KS

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500 in bulk
visible to naked eye
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