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Galactic Horizon Personnel Structure

The following article details each occupation within Galactic Horizon as well as the different ranks associated with them, with information about their job, uniform and paygrade. It's primary use is to provide players with a guide to help when creating and playing a Galactic Horizon employee.

Types of Characters Wanted/Preferred

Horizon is a company that operates and does business with many factions and groups within the Star Army universe and as such has been exposed to many types of people both as customers and employees. This includes species, personalities and different skills.


Currently the doors of Horizon are open to any and all species who wish to work among their number and was the first group in the setting to have an official Hedoro employee within its ranks. While Horizon itself is accommodating of all types their HQ location within Neshaten space means that access to many species is restricted, in order to keep its doors open while respecting the Neshaten isolation culture an employment scheme was started.

In late YE 40 Horizon was formally approved to operate within Yamatai Star Empire and Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and constructed many consumer outlets as well as stock warehouses and a single manufacturing facility in each territory. Citizens of these nations are able to gain a position of employment with Horizon through these outlets, they may also request a transfer to the HQ which must be approved by Donvan Black.


While there is no set of skills that a character absolutely must have in order to join Horizons ranks there are several which will provide a much more realistic chance of them being hired as opposed to having zero notable skills. Some occupations within Horizon may teach a character a certain skill to ensure they can work effectively, such as security roles being trained in combat, more information is provided in the Occupations section.

Technology Operation: Useful across the board, Horizon is a very technology orientated and based company with a particular affinity for digital systems and design. Characters with this skill will easily be able to fit into most Horizon roles with little extra training required.

Engineering: Characters with this skill have a good chance of being hired on to work in the manufacturing and development facilities. Also useful for designing new products and conducting research on prototypes.

Biological/Medical: This skill is a highly sought after skill at Horizon HQ and any employees with this skill are almost always assigned to the biotech research and development areas.


There is a number of different occupations within Galactic Horizon that each play a role in the overall function of the company. Each occupation has its own ranks and special positions and while no occupation will require a skill some may 'teach' characters certain skills which should be listed on their sheet. If getting a job at Horizon was the reason for them learning the skill then it should be listed as such, if they possessed it before their employment then it should clearly show this.

Administration Team

The Admin team works in the shadows as it were, keeping the records in check and ensuring all of Horizon's employees are staying out of trouble. The admin team is based solely in the HQ on Jui'Varen II but will dispatch members to visit outlets when necessary.

Rank Yearly Income1)
General Staff 70 000KS
Senior Staff 80 000KS
Head Administrator 90 000KS

Head Administrator: Riccard Black

BioTech Team

The BioTech team is a self-contained section of the Horizon business structure with its own researchers, developers and specialists. BioTech staff levels are kept low even by Horizon standards with no more than 20 people involved at any one time, they work solely within the HQ building.

Rank Yearly Income2)
General Researcher 70 000KS
General Developer 70 000KS
Senior Researcher 80 000KS
Senior Developer 80 000KS
Biology Specialist 85 000KS
Genetic Specialist 85 000KS
Head BioTechnician 90 000KS

Biology Specialists: Argus Zepheris, Calanthe Brongus

Head BioTechnician: Ariel Castien

Design Team

The Design team is in charge of thinking up and drawing up designs for technology and other items which will eventually be created and sold across the galaxy. These members are usually based within the HQ but often travel around to gather inspiration as well as information.

Rank Yearly Income3)
General Designer 70 000KS
Senior Designer 80 000KS
Head Designer 90 000KS

Head Designer: Riccard Black

Production Team

The Production team consists of both fabrication workers as well as engineers and many other smaller specialists. These members can be transferred between Horizon facilities as needed and operate across the galaxy.

Rank Yearly Income4)
General Fabricator 70 000KS
General Engineer 70 000KS
Senior Fabricator 80 000KS
Senior Engineer 80 000KS
Robotic Specialist 75 000KS
Machine Intelligence Specialist 75 000KS
Head of Heavy Machining 90 000KS
Head of Micro Research 90 000KS
Head of Fabrication 90 000KS
Chief of Production 100 000KS

Head of Heavy Machining: Anaska DePolanskaya

Head of Micro Research: Nameless NPC

Head of Fabrication: Nameless NPC

Chief of Production: Nameless NPC

Public Service Team

The Public Service team as name suggests, is the group of people responsible for marketing and promoting Galactic Horizon and its products to the greater public. These members are present in all Horizon public domains such as product outlets and recruitment offices.

Rank Yearly Income5)
General Sales Assistant 65 000KS
Recruiter 65 000KS
Senior Sales Assistant 70 000KS
Head of Public Relations 80 000KS
Head of Corporate Relations 80 000KS

Head of Public Relations: Donvan Black

Head of Corporate Relations: Kryss Black

R&D Team

The R&D team is in charge of researching and testing new Horizon equipment and technologies including both physical and digital systems. The R&D members are only present at Horizon HQ and work directly under the Black family on specific tasks.

Rank Yearly Income6)
General Researcher 70 000KS
Senior Researcher 80 000KS
Lab Tester 75 000KS
Field Tester 85 000KS
Head Researcher 90 000KS

Head Researcher: Nameless NPC

Security Team

The Security force of Horizon is limited as the company prides itself on neutrality, with no military allegiances or special supply deals to specific military's the company has no need of a large fighting force.

Rank Yearly Income7)
Officer 80 000KS
Senior Officer 90 000KS
Heavy Officer 90 000KS
Captain 100 000KS
Chief of Defense 110 000KS

Captains: Terrins Dassau

Chief of Defence: Brin Bluestone

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1) , 2) , 3) , 4) , 5) , 6) , 7)
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