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Galactic Horizon Product Initiative

A program started at the request of Riccard Black in the absence of his daughter Kryss Black mid YE 40 when the entirety of the Galactic Horizon staff and assets was moved to the Iemochi Innovations & Sales station.

About the Product Initiative

In early mid YE 40 Kryss was accidentally abducted by a group of fleeing ex skyguard when trying to make a business deal. With one of the company's key members gone and part of their assets falling to ruin the company head Riccard, had no other choice than to turn to its independent friend Iemochi Innovations & Sales.

While living aboard the IIS station, Riccard devised the initiative as a means to plan out the completion of the first Horizon starship which would be utilised to find and recover Kryss. The program encompasses all types of products with two distinct divisions, the Starship Expansion Directive and the Company Expansion Directive.

The Starship Division includes:

  • Hull and Wing Packages
  • Engines and Power Sources
  • Weapon Systems
  • Sensor and Guidance Packages
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Onboard System Packages
  • Contingency Systems
  • Life Support Outfits

The Company Division includes:

  • Personal Vehicles
  • Personal Equipment
  • Personal Defence Tools
  • Recreational Tools
  • Military Weapons
  • Military Vehicles
  • Services Equipment
  • Services Vehicles

While the original reason behind starting the initiative was to assist in setting a guide and plan to construct the first company frigate intended for the rescue, the initiative would also serve as a means for the company to develop a series of interchangeable components allowing for a versatile product list.

Predicted Timeline

The basic timeline of predicted components and products and the time they reach a production ready state. This timeline is a rough idea based on the current status of the company but is subject to change with major updates and changes to the company structure.

YE 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
40 N/A Orbit Jumper Missile System
Shooting Star Machine Gun
Cirrostratus Ion-Grid Propulsion Drive
Mobility Hull Package
Full Spectrum Sensor Package
Skyhawk Hull Package
Project Earth- Rising
Dawn v2.0.0
41 Thundercage System
Emergency Response Vehicle

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