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Galactic Six 6mm Caseless Electronically Fired Rounds

In mid to late YE 40 Section 6 and Galactic Horizon used their combined assets at Galactic Six developed a new round for their covert assault rifle in the form of a revamped version of the S6 6mm Bullets. The new round is caseless, uses a laser as a firing pin to strike the primer โ€“ which is little more than a lens - to propel the round, is just as lethal as the original, and has a much shorter lock time when firing.


Below are the performance values for the ammunition.

  • Purpose (Rifles): Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel
  • Purpose (Pistols): Tier 1, Light Anti-Personnel
  • Size: 6x45mm1)
  • Caliber: 6mm
  • Damage Description: Pierces soft targets, mushrooms, then tumbles or fragments.
  • Effective Range 350 yards2)
  • Muzzle Velocity: 700 miles/hour3)
  • Muzzle Blast: Bright yellow flash of escaping gases.
  • Recoil: Has as much recoil as a normal infantry rifle round.
  • Energy Source: Chemical; fired electronically.
  • Price: 250 KS per 100 round box

OOC Notes

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Roughly equivalent to 0.24×1.77 inches.
Roughly equivalent to 365 meters.
Roughly equivalent to 1026.67 feet/second or 300 meters/second.

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