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Geshrinari Lounge

Geshrinari Shipyards designs often include a lounge. The lounge is a a cozy community area designed for the rest and relaxation of ship occupants. The lounge typically has several couches, chairs, and coffee tables which are arranged for conversations. A volumetric display is mounted on one of the walls, it can serve as a virtual window or a screen for entertainment. There is also a small food and beverage bar located off to the side to serve snacks and alcohol during social gatherings.

Standard lounge

A standard ship's door with a Ge-Y1-E3103 - Intercom System opens into the end of the room. There is ceiling mounted lighting, as well as Ge-Y1-E3104 - Automatic Fire Suppression System dispersal nozzles through out the lounge. The floor is covered in the standard floor covering for the ship. Typically a store room is next to the lounge where furniture and equipment can be stored when not in use in the lounge.

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