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Ge-C1-M3700 Breaching Module

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The Ge-C1-M3700 - Breaching Module was developed for use on the Urufu-Class Light Cruiser it can be installed on Star Army of Yamatai vessels built by Geshrinari Shipyards starting in YE 37.

About the Breach Module

The Breach Module provides the means for a boarding force to enter a hostile structure or ship. It mounts on the underside of the vessel. It includes cutting systems to make an opening in the hull, and holds the ship secure during the transfer. The module comes standard on all new Urufu-Class Light Cruiser, and can be installed as a refit. It is essentially a starship equivalent of the Dageki Strike Module.

The module consists of a cutting module, shaft. A pair of Geshrinari Graviton Beam Projector are mounted on either side of the Breach Module. When engaged the module extends and the six gravity clamps attach to the target hull. Once secure, the cutting module activates the six blades and starts cutting into the hull. The shaft and cutting module continue to descend until the unit breaches the hull. The integrated hatch at the end opens to allow troops to be deployed.

For a successful deployment the ship must match velocity, and pitch and roll. It must then close to within 20 feet.

The shaft is 6 meters in diameter.


When retracted the module looks like a hexagonal unit with a triangular section attached to each side.

Breach Module


Cutting module

The section of the cutting module closest to the shaft rotates. It has six aether beam sabers based on the Ke-M2-W2901 Aether Beam Saber-Rifle integrated. The blades are used to slice into the target hull.

The Shaft

This is the portal into the ship. It is a telescoping shaft that has a maximum length of 30 feet. The shaft itself is composed of Osmiridium coated with a layer of Yamataium. When retracted most of the shaft and its mechanisms are in the under deck space of Deck 7. It is mounted in the cargo hold, and 1 meter of the module protrudes above the floor.


The hatch is a four section hatch made of Osmiridium, it has a Geshrinari - Atmospheric Containment Shield to maintain atmospheric integrity.

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