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Ge-C1-W3302 - Anti-Fighter Turret

Geshrinari Shipyards Logo A TC Company

The Ge-C1-W3302 anti-fighter turret was developed by Geshrinari Shipyards for their Ge-C1-2a - Ookami-Class Light Cruiser in YE 33

Ge-C1-W3302 Anti-Fighter Turret

Its purpose is shoot down attacking fighters, incoming missiles, or any other threat. It features two rapid-fire plasma cannons. Unlike the Ge-Y2-W3300 - Anti-Armor Turrets, it does not possess its own targeting computer. It is controlled by ship's main computer/fire control. It has additional sensors to help with tracking. It is available in retractable and fixed versions.



Max Range (space): 1 light second, 300,000 kilometers {186,282 miles) Max Range (atmosphere): 300 kilometers {180 miles)

Rate of fire: Once every 10 seconds

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