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Ge-H3-M3300 - Lighting Array

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The Ge-H3-M3300 - Lighting Array built by Geshrinari Shipyards was created for the Ge-H3-1a - Sanza-Class Shipyard it became available starting in YE 33. It is used to provide illumination in space.

Lighting Array

The Ge-H3-M3300 consists of cluster of seven moving panels, each with seven large lamps.

The Array is thirty meters across.


The outer six light assemblies are attached to the central unit, by armatures. These hold the panels in position and are capable of angling them as necessary.


The Lighting Array uses a Ge-Z1-E3300 - Guidance System for controlling movement, and operation of the array.

Fusion Power

The array is powered by a compact fusion generator which has enough fuel to operate continuously for 300 hours.


The array is equipped with several clusters of Geshrinari Maneuvering Thrusters. These are used to move the array, rotate it and hold it in position.

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