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Ge-T6-1a - Sukuu-Class Lifeboat

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The Sukuu-Class Lifeboat is Geshrinari Shipyards latest emergency feature to be used on their larger space facilities. It became available in YE 35.


The โ€œSukuuโ€ Lifeboat is designed to be installed on facilities with large populations. It can be installed on large passenger capacity ships if desired. The Sukuu is technically an autonomous craft and does not need an operator. But the craft does have a station where the Lifeboat Officer controls the vehicle.

Sukuu means rescue in Yamataian.



The Sukuu is a flattened cylinder with rounded ends. The standard paint scheme is white with grey for the wings. Also visible is the word RESCUE on both sides in red. Two wings protrude from the rear sections which assist with controlling the craft. The four plasma drives mounted on the stern are visible, as are the thrusters. On the top of the craft, two banks of solar cells are visible, as well as the upper hatch. A large window is visible on the front of the craft. On the bottom of the craft there is the lower hatch, and three retracting landing gear can be seen when deployed.


Originally it was designated the Ge-X3500, to avoid confusing with the Ke-X3500 Geshrinari Shipyards desided to designate the Sukuu as the Ge-T6 since the unit shared many qualities with other aerospace craft. The Sukuu came about as the corporation was looking at its emergency procedures, with their various large space facilities evacuation was a concern; especially in cases where families were a consideration. Given that an Amatsu can hold over 80,000 people, and using 6 person escape pods would need more than 13,333 to accomplish the task. Using the Sukuu the number was reduced to 3,200 less if max occupancy was used. This would help reduce maintenance costs, and ensure that untrained personnel such as children would have trained personnel to assist during a crisis.


Class: Escape Pod Nomenclature: Ge-T6-1a Type: Twenty-Five Person Lifeboat Designers: Tamahagane Corporation R&D Manufacturer: Geshrinari Shipyards Price: 35,000 KS

Performance Statistics

  • Speed (STL): .2c (~59,958 kilometers per second) (~37,256 miles per second) using sublight engines.
  • Speed (Fold): 131,490c (0.25 ly/m)
    • Range: Maximum fold distance crossed in a single jump is 10 light years.
    • Duration: 30 minutes recharge
  • Speed (Aerial): 350mph (70kph)
  • Speed (Water): The Lifeboat can float.
  • Capable of atmospheric entry, and atmospheric travel. The craft also has landing gear and VTOL capabilities.

Lifespan: The Sukuu can be reused by refurbishment and has an estimated service life of five years without refit.

Crew: Up to 25 human-sized people can be accommodated (and seated). Maximum Capacity: Up to 35 can be accommodated (with very cramped accommodations - resources will be diminished proportionally to the extra occupants) Power: Has enough fuel to operate the Fusion reactor for 90 days continuous. After that photovoltaic cells can provide enough power for life support, communications and the graviton drive.


Length: 15 m Width: (Overall) 9 m Width: (Fuselage) 4.5 m Height: 3 m

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 16 Armor Scale
  • Shields: 20 (Threshold 4)


The Sukuu-Class Lifeboat is stored in launch bays, which are restricted access. For maintenance the technician must get bridge confirmation to open the access port. Actual entry into the Lifeboat is through a dorsal hatch. A tension controlled ladder is in place and the person steps onto it and is lowered safely. To exit the person climbs the rungs on the ladder.


Deployment of the Sukuu can only occur by two methods. Both require that the host mainframe has initiated evacuation. This process causes the mainframe to prepare the Lifeboats, and download local stellar information.

Lifeboat Officer

The normal method of deployment depends on a designated 'Lifeboat Officer' who oversees the loading of the passengers, and is in charge of the lifeboat when launched. The 'officer' has a deployment key that must be accompanied by a biometric identification and pass code. This causes the access port to secure, external power to disconnect and the launch bay doors to open. Once the lifeboat has cleared the host, the 'officer' must choose a destination, be it a local planet, or a nearby star system.

Main Frame

In the event that the 'Lifeboat Officer' is deceased or incapable of executing their duties, the ship's mainframe will initiate launch only when certain criteria are met.

  • Lifeboat at 25+ persons.
  • Lifeboat at <25 persons, but destruction of host is imminent.

When the lifeboat is launched in this manner, the mainframe preselects the best destination. However, the occupants of the lifeboat can override it.


Inside the Sukuu Lifeboat

The Sukuu is divided into three sections. Each section has independent lighting controls, and two Fire Extinguisher ๐Ÿงฏs. The floor panels can be removed for servicing the equipment beneath.

Lifeboat interior

Flight Deck

The Flight deck is where the Lifeboat Officer 'controls' the craft. It has a Geshrinari Standard Console. This allows the officer to respond to queries from the craft computers and monitor status. If the LO is a trained pilot, they can actually pilot the craft.

Passenger Area

The interior of the Sukuu is divided into three regions; the largest is the main compartment where the passengers are seated. The seats are rear facing to protect the occupants if the craft has difficulties landing. Above the seats are storage compartments which house supplies for the occupants seated beneath them.

At the front of the passenger area are two restrooms for use by the occupants.

There are twenty four seats in the passenger area, and mountings for ten hammocks. For landing purposes the hammocks can be mounted vertically, and closed around the person allowing them to act as a restraint system.

Storage Area

The rear section of the Sukuu is where the supplies are stored. There are enough food provisions for maximum occupants for three months.

There is equipment for a simple shower that the occupants can use. It consists of ceiling mounted shower head, floor drain, controls and a detachable plastic privacy curtain.


The Sukuu does not have a true airlock. The two hatches are fitted with atmospheric shielding force-fields. But these only work so long as main power is operational.


Sukuu Lifeboat Side view

Armored Hull

The Lifeboat is built with a GE-V1-H3302 - Spacecraft (OO) Hull Construction for maximum durability.


The Lifeboat has a Ge-T8-E3104 - Communications Array for its communication needs.


The Lifeboat uses a Ge-T8-E3103 - Computer Array for its computer requirements.

Landing Gear

The Lifeboat is equipped with three retracting landing gear. They are capable of lifting the craft up to allow the passengers to enter/exit the craft.

Life Support

The Lifeboat is equipped with a pair Ge-T8-V3100 - Environmental System for redundancy, and is capable of handling 35 persons.


Primary Power

The Lifeboat is equipped with a Geshrinari Fusion Generator for its primary power. It has enough fuel to operate for 90 days continuously.

Auxilary Power

The Lifeboat is equipped with a series of photovoltaic panels which supply emergency power. They can be used when near a source of solar radiation. They are intended to power the Lifeboat when the primary power is not in operation. This can be after its primary fuel is exhausted, or to extend the duration while on a planetary surface.



The Lifeboat is equipped with eight pairs of Geshrinari Maneuvering Thrusters to attitude control.


The Lifeboat is equipped with a Geshrinari Hyperspace Fold Drive for faster than light travel.


The Lifeboat is equipped with four Geshrinari Plasma Drive for in-system travel. They are connected to the Lifeboats primary generator. Once the Lifeboat enters the atmosphere the drives are disabled. It takes a technician to override this feature. This is intentional so that the reactor fuel is conserved.


The Lifeboat is equipped with a Geshrinari Graviton Engine for propulsion in atmosphere.


The Lifeboat is equipped with a compact Ge-Y2-E3301 - Standard Starship Sensors.


The Lifeboat is outfitted with a Geshrinari Combined Field System for protection.



The Sukuu is well stocked for its occupants.

Passenger Area

Under each seat the following are stowed.

Above each pair of seats the following are secured.

Storage Area

Other supplies stored in rear.

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba Jan 02, 2013 Artwork created by Nashoba

Submission Approved by Andrew on Jan 10, 2012. Forum Thread.

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Product Categoriessmall craft
Product NameSukuu-Class Lifeboat
ManufacturerGeshrinari Shipyards
Year ReleasedYE 35
Price (KS)35โ€ฏ,000.00 KS

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