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Ge-L3-2A - Ghoul-Class Patrol Craft

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About the Ghoul-Class Patrol Craft

Ge-L3-2A Ghoul-Class Patrol Craft


Originally requested through Zero Fleet's offices, the ship design was made to fulfill the requirements of a potential privateer. Practically speeding through the design process, the ship still manages to fit in a few unique features of its own, including a ramp at the bottom of the ship's rear to load and unload ground vehicles. The ship's interior is somewhat Spartan, as most of the interior is taken up by a large cargo bay and shuttle loading areas.

In YE 29 Abdyel re-designed components of the Vampire, scaling it down for policing and customs duties for the Nepleslian government. The weapons were scaled down and wings extended for atmospheric activities, substantially reducing cost. The interior was pushed around slightly, revamping the shuttle bays to store additional ground based combat units that can use the new wings as ramps to disembark.


Statistical Data


Organization: Nepleslian Police, Nepleslian Military, DART.
Type: Short-Range Patrol and Cargo Craft
Class: Ge-L3-2A “Ghoul”
Designer: Geshrinari Shipyards, Nepleslia
Manufacturer: Geshrinari Shipyards, Nepleslia
Production: Out of production.

Crew and Accommodations

Crew: 1 Pilot minimum. Recommended crew of 3.
Maximum Capacity: Life support systems can support up to 100 people.


Length: 65 meters
Width: 60 meters
Height: 16 meters
Decks: 1
Mass: 58,850 kg

Propulsion and Range


Speeds: .225c (~67,453 kilometers per second) .225c (~41,913 miles per second) Sublight,.45c (~134,906 kilometers per second) .45c (~83,826 miles per second) with STL doubler, 12,000c Hyperpulse
Lifespan: With regular maintenance, the vessel is expected to last around 30 years.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 2) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 6
  • Shields: 10 (Threshold 1)

Inside the Ghoul-Class

Weaponry and Vehicles

Active Denial Field:

The ship contains an ADF system on the hull that uses microwaves to stimulate pain receptors in the body, forcing targets to turn away and flee. Very effective against unarmored targets but not intended for combat use.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-personnel
  • Secondary Purpose: Sensor disruption
  • Damage: Less than lethal.
  • Range: <1 mile
  • Rate of Fire: continuous.
  • Payload: Effectively unlimited, so long as the ship provides power.

Superconductor mobile gun turrets (30)

three small openings on the hull (two on each side of the top and one on the bottom) can deploy up to 10 turrets each. It takes approximately half a second to deploy each turret and calibrate them so they don’t fly off the ship. These turrets rest on small disks about a 1 and ½ meters in diameter. Each base is kept at near absolute zero temperatures and are magnetized along with the hull keeping them a set distance from it at all times. Energy is passed to the turrets through the magnetized hull and each base can move around on the surface of the ship freely and fire. To work in the atmosphere the base and the turret have been integrated into a aerodynamic saucer shape instead of resting a gun platform on the top, the entire platform rotates for target acquisition.

  • Primary Purpose: anti-starfighter/mecha
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-Ship
  • Damage: 3 ADR
  • Range: 200,000 miles
  • Rate of Fire: 4 times a second
  • Payload: Effectively unlimited, so long as the ship provides power.

Combined Pulse Cannon (2)

Emitters under the ship's “wings” which fire pulses of and in the “sea of energy” that is space. These pulses can cause aetheric generators to overload, and confuse ZPE-based sensors. At the same time, it also produces an immense electromagnetic pulse and ion bolt. The pulse cannon is designed to cripple other vessels.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-starship
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-mecha/Anti-fighter
  • Damage: 3 SDR
  • Range: 3,000 miles
  • Rate of Fire: Twice every 15 seconds.
  • Payload: Effectively unlimited, so long as the ship provides power.


Ge-T1 Shuttles (2): See Ge-T1-1A - Transatmospheric Shuttle


BW-6b Main Battle Tank (1): This tank can be either parachuted from the air or driven off of the landed ship from the ramp at the back of the ship, and was provided with the ship as a bonus. See BW-6 Battle Tank.

Systems Descriptions

Communications Systems

The ship contains two easy to produce communications systems on each side of the hull. While not as sophisticated as those on most military vessels, they cover the basics (subspace and radio) and provide an acceptable amount of security. In a emergency the communications system can act as a low resolution sensor system by using the two receivers to pinpoint radio or subspace transmitters much in the same way that human ears pinpoint sounds.

Damper Field Generator

A by-product of antigravity (repulsion) technology, the damper field has been heralded as the best defense against scalar electrogravitational pulse weaponry, which are notorious for their ability to destroy ammunition, electronics, and organic life forms. While scalar EM waves penetrate conventional shielding because they can travel wherever gravity can go, the damper field uses a low-power antigravity field that negates the force of gravity and consequently provides an effective shielding system against scalar EM weapons systems.

Hyperpulse Drive

Geshrinari Continuum Distortion Drive uses layered asymmetrical peristaltic subspace fields that can envelop the entire vessel, the ship can move at superluminal velocities.

Interdiction Field

The ship is capable of projecting a powerful artificial gravitic field that disrupts the operations of FTL drives of all types in a specific area of effect (minimal effective AOE is a 1,000 meter cubic area; maximum AOE is 500,000 kilometer cubic area). This is useful in preventing enemy vessels from escaping from battle. The interdiction field also has a secondary mode that can defeat the interdiction efforts of enemy forces in a localized area roughly half the size of its normal operation.

Multi-dimensional Density Scanner

Designed for quick inspection of ships the multi-dimensional density scanner takes precise gravitational readings at various points in space using a combination of a gravity sensor and the ship’s own hyper pulse drive. The result is a quick 3d mapping of an object with density measurements displayed. Radiation Shields: The patrol ships are equipped with a Mercurite shielding system, which is capable of blocking most forms of electromagnetic radiation. This is useful for blocking electromagnetic pulse-type weapons.

Rapid Launch Bays

The ship's exterior is equipped with two large rapid-launch bays, which are forcefield-contained openings in the hull. The bays make it possible for shuttles to fly out into space at their convenience. The bays also open out onto the wings which slope down and touch the ground when the ship is landed, allowing troops to disembark.

Shield Systems

The ship has an efficient shielding system, relying on an teardrop-shaped spatial distortion to warp space around it and alter the course of laser, missiles, etc. that are headed for the ship. A second system, called “the spike” only protects the front of the ship, acting as a giant cone. It protects the ship from collisions during high-speed space flight. Both of the shields can take a lot of damage but are not infallible, and fail after a few good hits.

Speaker System

The underside of the ship contains a loud sound system with three speakers hooked directly into the cockpit’s communication system and radio. The speakers are operated by a dial in the cockpit that allows the pilot to change the input settings.

Subspace Mass Sensors

Subspace mass sensors instantly detect mass readings and movement of objects up to 1 AU (93 million miles) distant from the ship. The readings are used both for early warning and navigation when traveling at sublight speeds. The readings are not very detailed and cannot detect objects of less than 60,000 kg.

Tachyon Scanners

Tachyon Scanners detect the disturbances in the gravitic characteristics of normal space caused by the passage of ships traveling through hyperspace. Tachyon scanners also reduce the effectiveness of enemy missile jamming systems.

Unidirectional Gravitational Plating

Unidirectional Gravity Plating plating on the roof emits a psuedo-gravitational field that is attracted to the plates on the floor pushing everything on the ship 'down'. This creates the false sense of gravity that permeates the ship.

OOC Notes

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