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Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter

Geshrinari Shipyards Logo A TC Company

The old Ge-F6-1A Geshrinari Shipyards Light Freighter is a staple of small-scale transport across the galaxy. It is easily modified and widely distributed. They run 10,000 to 25,000 KS depending on age, condition, and modifications.


The F6 is the sixth modern incarnation of Geshrinari Shipyards' light freighter. The original version, created more than a century ago, went through multiple refits and redesigns before the blueprints came into Geshrinari's hands. First produced in YE -05, Geshrinari's version revolved around four concepts:

  • Ruggedness
  • Easy modification
  • Efficiency
  • Low cost

The result was a starship with a distinctly agricultural feel, but it lived up to the concepts. The F6 is practically a luxury freighter in comparison.


Class: Ge-F6-1A Type: Freighter Designers: Geshrinari Shipyards Manufacturer: Geshrinari Shipyards Production: Mass Production


F6-1A (stock)
Hull Durandium Alloy plating, 16 Structural points (10 * 0.6)
Engines Ge-F6-En1A graviton engines, STL 0.25 c
CDD system Ge-F6-Cd1A Continuum Distortion Device, 10,000 c
Fold system Ge-F6-Fd1A Hyperspace Folder, 0.4 ly/min
Weapons 4x Twin laser turrets (2x dorsal, 2x ventral), 1 SDR
Twin fore-mounted plasma cannons, 2 SDR
Cargo bay 25 x 10 x 5 meters
Crew capacity 6

The F1 featured a hull of perfect iron, but was eventually upgraded to Durandium Alloy when that material's price went down (around the creation of the F5).

Original Stock Model

Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter


  • STL: .25c (~74,948 kilometers per second)
  • CDD: 10,000c
  • Hyperspace: 0.4 ly/m
  • Bridge
  • Main cargo area
  • Pylon interiors (storage, crew quarters)
  • 4 Turrets
  • 2 Forward Guns


  • Length: 60 m
  • Height: ~8 m
  • Width: ~44m

Various Modified Light Freighters

"Red" Nepleslian Prostitute Superstition Thunderbolt

Standard Equipment

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesstarships
Product NameLight Freighter
ManufacturerGeshrinari Shipyards
Year ReleasedBYE 05
Price (KS)10โ€ฏ,000.00 KS

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