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Sonic Pulse Grenade

GM-RCNL-M59 Sonic Pulse Grenade

Produced by: Gillian Manufacturing

Designer: William James β€œJimmy” Gillian

Diameter: 5.2cm

Effective Radius: 12 meters

Cost per unit: 25




GM is not active in the arms industry but the team heads had discussed plans to produce a grenade that does not utilize incendiaries or chemical smoke and could therefore be reused, but would not cause undue harm as it was intended for use in quelling riots and subduing violent criminals.

Intrigued, Jimmy Gillian took on the task himself, and was able to produce a final design before his disappearance. The sonic pulse grenade uses a simple tone generator cased in a durable shell with amplifiers placed equidistantly around a white stripe marked as the β€œmiddle” of the grenade (it is roughly spherical).

When the grenade is primed, a five-second count is given before it emits an ultrasonic tone that depending on the setting can induce effects ranging from mild disorientation, discomfort and nausea to headaches, joint pain and difficulty maintaining balance. It has also been documented in testing to cause temporary numbing effects in some subjects.

These grenades are purposed to disperse crowds and drive subjects towards law enforcement officers; since the safety of both officer and subject is at stake the aim is to cause as little harm as possible. All the effects it induces are temporary.

Each grenade has a battery on board which can power it for a maximum of seven minutes, although the onboard timer is usually set for a shorter duration of around thirty seconds. They can also be deactivated by remote, allowing officers to retrieve them without being affected by the ultrasonic pulses.

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Price (KS)25.00 KS
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