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Godwin Armories

Godwin Armories is an independent weapons manufacturer that was originally based on Planet Nepleslia that was founded in YE 30. They sell to anyone who can afford their prices and is eligible to buy the weapons under the legal system of the planet the weapons are sold on.


Honestly, Masako didn't really expect to purchase a weapon. But her curiosity got the better of her as she started to browse his military selection. There was nothing that was issued by any of the nations she knew of, but there was quite a selection of weaponry she'd find in paramilitary groups. One manufacturer caught her eye though considering she had never heard of them. The Godwin Armories section was quite small with only two weapons to its name, but the R3 Modular Weapons System seemed to be several weapons in one package. β€œAh…the freaking puzzle for a rifle,” Greg commented as he looked at his own screen. β€œNot that I say its bad, I just never thought it was a good idea to make something so complicated. I had a hell of a time putting one of them things together, but it fires like a dream in any kit. Magnetic-based propulsion so it doesn't have an powder or chems and its muzzle velocity kicks most of its competitors in the bawls.” he commented. 1)

OOC Notes

Kim created this article on 2017/11/06 23:06. This company was created by Kevyn on Nov 26, 2007 with the introduction of the R30 Modular Weapons System

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