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Hyacintho Vulpes Ingenium

A small independent contractor Hyacintho Vulpes Ingenium specializes in R&D, with secondary ventures in mining, construction, and manufacturing. Their work is often indicated only by an “HVI” or more commonly “H6” in a product's nomenclature, if at all. The contractor was unofficially founded in early YE 37 and officially registered in early YE 38.

Headquarters: Mobile
Employees: 2
Affiliate Organizations: ISC Phoenix, Phoenix Service Group, United Manufacturing Cooperative
Government Affiliates: None at this time.
Key Personnel: Sesshoseki Tamamo, Kanshi Koa
Present Contract: Mining operations in the Kotoku System in the Kotoku V asteroid field.
Clearances: Lorath Special Prospector Licence1)


Not intended to be a competitive force in the market, the company exists only to provide its employees a layer anonymity and a professional face when interacting with potential employers. The contractor is willing to work with anyone that will pay, and maintain a professional relationship with their hire.2)

Important to the contractor is the maintenance of privacy and integrity. To do this they strictly uphold their history of confidentiality between entities that they work for ensuring that any entity that they are employed by need not worry about information leaks. To this end the contractor endeavours to avoid mention or indication of previous or current employers, instead using skill and qualifications to sell their services.

They are willing to comply to employer requests such as exclusive development while employed, and automatically provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon employment, ensuring that they will not cross pollinate work between employers. These steps are taken in an effort to ensure that patents, intellectual property, and sensitive information remain private and in the hands of their owners.

Additionally the contractor is willing to uproot and relocate it's operations to comply with sovereignty requirements and regulations when developing for larger governmental or corporate entities.

Noteworthy is that the company employs very few sapient individuals preferring to use synchronized networks of droneships. Despite this, thanks to FTL communications, it is possible to get in contact with a 'real' individual at almost any time a feature the contractor takes pride in.

Additionally the droneships actively survey local space and will make reports to relevant authorities should suspicious activity or pirate vessels be noted.

Services Offered

At present H6 is only capable of offering research and development work.

They are currently engaged in mining work for the Lorath Matriarchy. At present fleet sizes they are unable to provide mining services to more than one client.

In the future however they intend to expand mining services, as well as expand into civilian manufacturing, repair, and construction. Particularly they look to provide emergency repair and restocking services within their area of operations.


It is important to note that at present the only publicly available information on the company's history are their public mining enterprises. Any other information is known only to H6 or whatever entity it was working with.

A small business entity, Hyacintho Vulpes Ingenium started in early YE 37 as a research and development contractor for the Lazarus Consortium, the contractor was however unexpectedly laid off in mid YE 37. Without anyone to work for, and in light of insecurities inspired by their former employer, the contractor had by the end of the year had branched out into mining operations in Lorath Matriarchy controlled space with the intention of stabilizing their circumstances.

Since its public inception the company has done little aside from gather resources in order to stabilize its holdings while providing an opportunity for those who are willing to employ their services to more readily contract them. As of YE 38 the contractor is presently engaged in mining operations in the outer asteroid belt of the Kotoku System.


H6 has at the moment established amicable public relations with the ISC Phoenix, Phoenix Service Group, United Manufacturing Cooperative. As well they have a professional relationship with the Lorath Matriarchy with which they work as a mining entity. Beyond this they have had unofficial contact with the Lorath Self Defense Force, and some elements of Star Army Intelligence.

While they have not established contact with other political or corporate entities at this time H6 at present does not discriminate unless a group has an extremely negative business history.

Past work

This information is not available IC and is included in the article purely for book keeping purposes.

Holdings and Assets

This section provides a list of holdings and assets owned and operated by H6.


OOC Notes

Might used this song suggested by Doc as the general theme: Outlaw Star - Loneliness

General Explanation

This exists purely as an IC tool to allow my characters to work with various entities in the setting. Basically hire the company IC, and I'll write you tech articles OOC.

Beyond this it gives me a potential IC means of building development experience beyond my own personal projects.

I suppose it also gives me a home to place and produce personal projects.


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Attempting to destabilize or kill the contractor is not considered a professional relationship.
Manufacturing, production, and sales rights are leased to the UMC

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