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HIGA Industrial Corporation

HIGA Industrial Corporation is a manufacturing company, founded by ex-YSE Nespleslians, Elysians, Human, Nekovalkyrja and some former noble Yamataians. HIGA Industrial's operations are primarily based upon Morant and they currently specialize in the production of industrial and mechanized systems with a keen interest in large humanoid combat systems.

Founded in YE 28, HIGA Industries was once competing to becoming a major manufacturing giant within Yamatai (Planet)'s sphere of operations. Unfortunately, the Ketsurui Clan's favoritism ended all hope of them becoming a weapons manufacturer in Yamatai. Instead of simply disappearing, the entire Higa clan held strong and migrated to The Nassau System, along with a number of non Yamataians where they set up shop in order to expand and recover.


HIGA Industrial's headquarters, manufacturing facilities and base of operations are currently based on Morant, Morant. HIGA HQ is located in Orbit around Morant, along with Zero-G manufacturing yards and HIGA research facilities.


At this time, HIGA currently specializes in industrial machinery. However, HIGA are peeking their heads back into the arms industry with the MX-01 Zilant, a large humanoid weapons platform, the target audience of which is the Morant planetary government though HIGA has high hopes in outside interest for the Zilant.

If successful, HIGA plans to return to the arms manufacture sphere with successors to the MX-01 Zilant though they will not be limited to humanoid weaponry: with the goal of also producing actual warships for sale to interested parties.



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Pilot Rankings

Mech Pilots in HIGA are rated based on their skill. This rating is based on factors both aquired by the pilots mech and through the use of a simulation training unit.

E If a pilot gets rated this, they're washed out. They just don't have what it takes to be a pilot.
D This is the minimum skill requirement to be a pilot.
C A pilot that shows exceptional skill in one test factor. This is the minimum rank to become a test pilot.
B A pilot that shows exceptional skill in a number of test factors.
A A pilot that shows exceptional skill in most test factors.
S This is the highest rank achieved by any pilot so far, but no information is available at which pilot managed to make it. This pilot must have scored an exceptional skill in all test factors.
SS This rank is something of a joke. It does offically exist, but a pilot must be able to complete and pass every scenario. The technicians who built the simulator have assured the heads of Higa Corp that a pilot achieving this rank is impossible.

About Higa(OOC)

Higa is pretty much the only competitor to Oncari Industries, and a more militaristic one, being composed of former military personnel.

Higa is now under the control of the GMs Kai. it is being used as an enemy for the OIF Atuan plot. we'll see where it goes from there.

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