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International Association of Advanced Companies for Inventor's Rights and Free Trade

The IAAC was formed in response to talks during the International Relations Conference of YE 40, in which matters relating to companies throughout the Kikyo Sector were discussed, including how they were to be organised, liscensed and managed. With a lack of unity between potentially affected corporations, IIS founded the IAAC political-economic bloc to better protect the interests of various notable companies. To begin with, the other companies influential enough to be invited to attend the conference were approached regarding joining the bloc. One of the primary goals was to do with decreasing the amount of tech-stealing rampant amongst states in the Kikyo sector, to the detriment of those who had originally invented such tech.


The IAAC's primary purpose is to act as the political interface protecting the interests of participating companies across the galaxy. This can be accomplished by decisions voted upon by members to impose tariffs or embargos. Mostly, this would be done to protect the copyrights and intellectual properties of participating companies from being amorally replicated by thieves. Partners may also access the IAAC's meta-resources and draw from them during emergencies.

Political Agenda

The IAAC is solely interested in freedom of trade and inventor's rights across the jurisdictions of its members, operating as a body solely aimed towards that goal. Superfluous agendas to this are not permitted to be promoted through IAAC channels by any members, nor its influence to be noted in any other context than this.

Member Autonomy

There are no restrictions at all on members, total autonomy is promoted. Member companies are free to pursue their own agendas outside of the IAAC while still being a member as long as the two aren't mixed. They are never allowed to steal technology, resulting in immediate expulsion and embargos on the company in question.

Levels of Membership

There are two fundemental levels of membership inside the IAAC, consisting of Partner and Associate. While many perks are reserved for Partners, technology protection is extended to all companies, being a huge portion for the IAAC's existence.

Technology Protection

Technology protection is afforded to all members, meaning that if external bodies to a company that invented a technology reproduce said technology they can be sanctioned. Sanctions include blanket embargo of all services and goods from being traded between said body and all members of the IAAC, use of political connections between the bloc and governments and more - to force those bodies to cease their counterfeiting.


A IAAC Partner is afforded a number of optional benefits. There are several opt-in schemes avaiable - design, production and distribution cooperation for example. If a company has an overabundance or lack of any of these factors, there are mutually beneficial schemes to assist Partners. Partners will have preferential treatment in terms of public appearance on behalf of the IAAC.

Emergency Resources

In the case of a Partner company falling on hard times or an emergency situation, it can petition the other Partners inside the IAAC for assistance. Partners can individually decide to help, no requirement is enforced to help, given the nature of the IAAC's internal autonomy. In cases of extreme peril, the Partner can petition for a vote which if passed lends a certain amount of the IAAC's collective pool of resources to the Partner. Each Partner provides either a 2 million KS contribution upfront or by some agreed plan. This is refundable in case of leaving the IAAC and Partners can extract their own contribution from the Emergency Fund regardless of votes if they have an emergency.

Partner Requirements

The following conditions must be met for partner status:

  • Employee count of more than 10,000.
  • At least one trade agreement with a national body.
  • Willing to contribute to the emergency fund as detailed above.
  • At least 3 unique designs.
  • Employee records are kept.
  • A good reputation and history of keeping in the law.


Associates are subject to none of the optional benefits from being a Partner. They are given a voice in the political direction of the IAAC and have their interests looked after on the national and international scale by virtue of being a member. There are virtually no restrictions on becoming an Associate except from extenuating circumstances or potentially lessening the credibility of the bloc.

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