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Iemochi Innovations & Sales

Formed YE 35, Iemochi Innovations & Sales (IIS) has designed and produced many internal electronics for several organisations, including as a government contractor. Since their founding, while the majority of sales are in this area. The company also dabbles in a plethora in other services and operates its own small security fleet to protect their assets. As an independent company, they are always looking for an investment opportunity to please the shareholders. The current CEO is Iemochi Chiyo after the Founder - Iemochi Jonnex - retired to pursue his own interests.

General Information

Iemochi Innovations & Sales
Founder  Iemochi Jonnex
CEO Iemochi Chiyo
  Faction  Independent / Yamatai Star Empire
Product Symbol
Established YE 35
Personnel 29,759,321
Headquarters Kyoto, Planet Yamatai
Clients Yamatai, Nepleslia, Elysia, Section 6, 'Spacers

Additional Information


Notable Affiliated Characters


Current Products and Projects


Type Name Description Price
Fighter IIS Drone
Corvette Eye-II Class Scout Corvette
Corvette Eye-III Stealth Corvette
Mobile Shipyard Mercian Class Autonomous Mothership
Heavy Cruiser USO-SS1 Class Cruiser

Weapons and Ammo

Type Name Description Price
Weapon (Handheld) Mutagenic Assault Weapon
Ammo Integrated Retroviral Infusion System (IRIS)
Weapon (Handheld) Sonic Suppression Rifle A sonic rifle that uses sound waves of varying pitch and decibel to incapacitate targets 1 250KS
Ammo Galactic Horizon Energy Cores The standard power source for many GH products 100-250KS
Weapon (Starship) Orbit Jumper Missile System Starship grade missile launcher, suited to fighters and smaller attack craft 6 000KS
Ammo GH Mini Missile Munitions for use in the Orbit Jumper, both AP and HE variants 500-800KS
Weapon (Starship) Shooting Star Machine Gun An automatic cannon suited for fighters and small attack craft that uses flak style ammo, more to be added 8 000KS
Ammo GH Flak Round Flak ammo for the Shooting Star, has standard and tracer rounds 50-75KS

Vehicles and Components

Type Name Description Price
Vehicle (Non-combat) Redback ATV A single seating motorcycle style 4 legged scout model vehicle, can also hover and reach high ground-speeds 10 000KS


  • Yamataian national Neko rehab and after care.
  • Ship internals for the Star Army of Yamatai
  • Has a sector-wide comms net like Skype.
  • Personal Security Devices
  • Civilian Products of all types
  • Ships and Ship Components
  • Healthcare and Rehabilitation
  • Insurance
  • Adult Products
  • Electronic Components, all the way to capacitors and wiring

Current Fleet


Effective Shipyards

  • 6 Avalon, (3 usable)
  • 3 per Mercian, (210 usable)
  • Total: 213 Shipyards

Past Products and Projects

  • Public Transport Systems
  • NAM Involvement (Recently re-entered)

OOC Notes

Ethereal created this article on 2017/08/18 01:40. Approved by Wes on October 16, 20172) If Ethereal is to go inactive, the company passes to Madi Harper. If Madi Harper is inactive, the company passes to Wes who may retain it or decide who it goes to. 12 Oct 2017 shipyards came online for ship building restrictions. Needs update from 2018/07/18.

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