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History & Ventures of IIS

About Iemochi Innovations & Sales

The company was created by Iemochi Jonnex to fill a gap in the market for mass produced, quality internals. After success with several products being adopted sectorwide, the company's status grew to the point that many starship designs had at least one Iemochi product inside it either through purchases from Iemochi directly, or through usage of parts built from Iemochi components.

In YE 39, the latest company-wide venture has been participation in the Nepleslian market. Given their status and quality of products as well as the work of Acquisitions, they are currently gaining a lot of traction in marketing their internal components and electronics in both the civilian and military market. Their current port of trade in Nepleslia is the IIS Avalon.

Now, a new venture is being put into effect for the planet newly acquired by the OSO: Planet Osman. Plans of a spaceport being built nearby to open up more possibilities for profit to jump into this rapidly growing market have been made. As of now, the company have dispatched employee Yerikaisa Yinn to the planet to oversee these developments and gain influence with OSO. This has resulted in a deal being struck between IIS and Section 6, with IIS assisting with the research and production of various Section 6 assets for the exchange of being their main contact for such matters. This ultimately means that IIS systems will be incorporated into the fledgling nation at a base level, meaning these proprietary systems can only be replaced by the IIS due to licencing, thereby securing much more capital from future repairs and expansion.

In late YE 39 due to the investment and development of many more departments of the company, acting as autonomous units mostly, the company decided to change its name from Iemochi Integrated Systems to Iemochi Innovations & Sales. A department was named Iemochi Integrated Systems as to take over much of the main production of the company - electronic components - and also as a callback as the company grew.

FSCorp decided that they wanted to make a monopoly of Planet Osman, staging accidents and meddling with IIS' help in Section 6 for the sake of control of the planet's economy. This conflict is ongoing despite the fact IIS is constructing a fleet of S6-SS1 ships for Section 6 and Eye-Class ships for Saber.

The conflict escalated as IIS secured a contract in the order of tens of millions for two supercarriers for Section 6, as FSC was not ready for such an order. This was evidenced by their failure to moderate the economy for this investment, which plunged the OSO into economic crisis. As a result, IIS employees were forced to evacuate the planet under the guard of the S6 forces, the operations on the planet left abandoned.

By some miracle, with FSC receeding from the spotlight of OSO, the economy normalised. IIS' reputation was healed to the greatest extent bar one or two hard anti-foreign bodies. However, this was learned from and no direct IIS assets would ever again be stationed on Osman. IIS' involvement in S6 was greatly reduced and investment was found elsewhere.

IIS discussed and negotiated re-entry into the Nepleslian market after their barring from the market by several unforeseeable economic factors, the company moving the Avalon to Delsauria rather than Fortuna as it had been before. Negotiations with the Neshashen and other governments began.

Eventually, scouting into OSO resumed, an alliance with Galactic Horizon was soon formed and bonded. A series of mutually beneficial events led to GH moving into the Avalon. An agreement was made with M.E.C.H.A. to provide VIP retrieval for iisIemochi Insurance.


A cyan, bold “IIS” across a dark grey rectangle, against a blue circle. Employees below management level are required to wear jumpsuits depending on their profession when in a working environment. This includes black for internal affairs, red for security, blue for R&D, green for human resources, orange for upkeep, white for engineers and grey for labourers. These jumpsuits are made of durable synthetic fibres, created from a patent from a bought out company. They have a central zip and a total of 5 pockets. Ships working under the ISS for commercial purposes are coloured ash-grey, the military forces midnight black - both are branded with the cyan “ISS”.


“It's what's inside that counts.”
Known as the Iemochi family motto, known to refer to their notorious competitive ruthlessness and family unity. Officially, the motto is said to refer to the fact that no matter the cheapness of the exterior as long as the internals are IIS-produced, the system will not fail. This is used as a sign off at the bottom of most official documents, as well as the family seal - a naginata crossed with a ninjato.

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