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Iemochi Insurance

A subsidiary of Iemochi Innovations & Sales, created in YE 39. With the ever increasing danger of the universe, Iemochi Integrated Systems saw the potential in providing insurance for spacefarers or property owners at a premium.

About Iemochi Insurance

Due to the prevalence of dangerous situations in the modern world, Iemochi Insurance was created to reap the benefits of people paying premium for accidents or events possibly affecting them. Freighters are always afraid for their cargo, soldiers scared for their family if they were to die and the countless others with similar fears. This company seeks peace of mind for these people while making a profit.

The Insurance logo is two hands protectively cupping and shielding a planet, to represent how the company provides protection for all regardless of boundaries.


โ€œYour second skin.โ€

General Information

Iemochi Insurance
CEO Indigo Cenciya
Faction Independent (IIS)
Product Symbol IIS


The company's headquarters were officially created in the capital city of Essia System. The building resembles that of the TNC banks that populate the area it is located. It is around 12 stories high and filled with office cubicles. A small park is located to the front of the building, a lake and benches positioned around it.


This company owns several call centres on Essia System, thought none of them are particularly notable.

The company uses the collective facilities of Iemochi Innovations & Sales.


Current Products and Projects

Life Insurance 286.66KS/Month Payout: 250,000KS

Home Insurance 1,083KS/YE representative Payout: Value of property.

Travel Insurance Between 4-10% of the total trip cost, variable based on risk factors.

Pet Insurance 35KS/Month Payout: 10,000KS annual max

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance 2,000KS/YE Payout: 5,000,000KS max

Key Person Insurance 100,000KS policy 108KS/YE/10YE 165KS/YE/15YE 220KS/YE/20YE

500,000KS policy 350KS/YE/10YE 430KS/YE/15YE 535KS/YE/20YE

1,000,000KS policy 545KS/YE/10YE 695KS/YE/15YE 915KS/YE/20YE

Property Insurance 11-15% item cost per YE representative Payout: cost of property

Starship Insurance 9-11% ship cost per YE representative Payout: cost of ship minus cargo

Health Insurance 153KS for copper plans 315KS for bronze plans 362KS for silver plans 420KS for gold plans 498KS for platinum plans

Past Products and Projects


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