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Volumetric "Spider" Pad

The Volumetric β€œSpider” Pad was created by Iemochi Seinosuke before deploying back to the Star Army of Yamatai. Its designs were given to Iemochi Lifestyle with understanding that any profits would be put into a trust fund for his wife and children. It was brought into production in early YE 43. It is currently for sale in all commercial and military markets that Iemochi Innovations & Sales serves.

About the Volumetric Spider Pad

The Volumetric Spider Pad was designed as a way for those who work in multiple workplaces, such as politicians who are also on active military duty. It is also applicable for active duty soldiers who have opted into training beyond what their workplace allows. The same applies to doctors who can easily call into other places for consultations.


The Spider Pad utilises volumetric projectors to cast an actual-size image of the user. The pad's circular ring directs the projectors upwards, allowing them to intersect and allow for better clarity of image than usual. Spider legs fitted with gyroscopes for guaranteed stability of image are the most utilised method of propulsion. Small ion thrusters are also embedded at the bottom to allow for limited hovering capabilities instead.

The user on the other end uses a set of lightweight glasses to see what is around the drone. Cameras located around the rim and top of the drone use AI algorithms to construct a 360 degree viewpoint around the drone. This is beamed through the glasses and the algorithm is fed back with accelerometers in the glasses. Additional accessories such as haptic gloves and force feedback suits allow the cameras and algorithm to provide physical feedback to the operator.


As a Senator, Iemochi Seinosuke often thought about ways he could appear in person on Virginia, the Imperial Palace and the YSS Resurgence. While Iemochi Innovations & Sales's telecommunications software did the job fairly well, he thought a more pragmatic solution may be easily created.

Nomenclature Information

General list containing information about the groups involved with the weapon design and production along with listing the weapon type and physical statistics.

  • Manufacturer: Iemochi Lifestyle
  • Name: Volumetric Spider Pad
  • Nomenclature: IIS-J-1a
  • Type: Drone/Robot
  • Role: Telecommunications
  • Dimensions: 50cm diameter dish, 5cm tall, 10cm legs
  • Mass: 2kg


The entire structure can come in any colour, but is most often matt black or chrome. The spider legs extend down from a retracted position flush against the rim of the disk. When inactive, the volumetric projectors can be seen as small cylinders about the size of a finger's first knuckle. When on, a lid is projected on top of these upon which it appears that the projected individual is standing. The glasses required for remote projection and operation can come in many styles including sunglasses, glasses and goggles.


A list of pricing for the base model weapon, its replaceable components and optional extras for reference when outfitting characters and NPCs with this weapon.

  • Volumetric Spider Drone: 1250KS

Extra Parts and Components

  • Haptic Gloves: 300KS
  • Haptic Suit: 500KS

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