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Iemochi Personal Security

A subsidiary of Iemochi Innovations & Sales, created in YE 39. It seeks to create personal defence products not yet conceived by larger security companies. They also look to create replacements for outdated technology created by these larger companies.

About the Iemochi Personal Security

Iemochi Chiyo created the company after IIS analysts discovered a negative trend of large companies innovating in the civilian security area. Realising she could incorporate modern IIS systems into products to replace the older products that had been made by these companies, she formed the Iemochi Personal Security company.

The logo depicts a green eye being surrounded by a targeting reticule as if the person in the logo is about to shoot a weapon in defence.


โ€œYour Last Line.โ€

General Information

Iemochi Personal Security
CEO Chadra Dukina
Faction Independent (IIS)
Product Symbol IIS


The company headquarters are located on Ohara in the capital city. It is a reasonably sized building, same as any other with offices and some factory levels in the basements for prototypes. Since the company uses collective Iemochi Innovations & Sales facilities as well as its own, it doesn't require a large building for a HQ.


Uses Iemochi Innovations & Sales facilities for production.


Current Products and Projects

tendril gauntlet sonic weapon shot gun crawling bomb tree weapon omnis key defensive glass public address system stealth system explosive drill nails anti-riot sonics war club footprint carpet house security invisi-spiders observation organism magnifying glass pheromone communication gland tranquiliser gun emp weapon visor helmet truth serum organic fingerprint emulator volumetric weapon voice modulator

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