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Intergalactic Transport Corporation

the Intergalactic Transport Corporation, abbreviated ITC, and often nicknamed InTraCorp, is a Transport Organization founded by several traders of the Yamatai Star Empire. Previously it was simply known as Kenichi-Odaka Enterprises after its two founders.

Company Statistics
Logo |
Established YE 36 (predecessor YE 35)
Headquarters ITC Headquarters, Ushobrakflug
Notable Owned Places Danketsu Station, Prototype City Alpha(along with Yamatai)
Director Takahashi Kenichi
Leading Staff Kinzo Odaka (DM of ICD), Skeggason Bjarkmar (Leader of R&D),Monique Velaquez (DM of IMD)
Approximate Employee Population ~30,800 (~15,000 ICD, ~8,000 IMD, ~5,000 R&D, ~2,500 Security, ~300 Marketing & Costumer Services)
Associated Factions Yamatai Star Empire
Nomenclature ID ITC- or INTRA-
Nicknames InTraCorp

Logo & Slogan

The logo represents the ITC intergalactic ambitions, by the star on a blue background. The initials in the middle are all in different colours, somewhat presenting the real live “French Flag”, although inverted. The blue stands for the galaxy, while the white is for the independent stand that ITC takes, and red represents the Yamatai Star Empire. The logo is a simplified version that was used throughout YE 36, because the different stars and lightning bolts where hard to make and see from a long distance, thus a simpler version was coined by the marketing team, and since then put to use. The colours were mistakenly inverted, but this caused little problems. Security personnel often carry a badge with only the star and initials, without the background and slogan. Each department has the logo, along with its own title attached underneath.

Official motto: “ Quality, build for you ”

The slogan is shown below the company name in the logo. The sentence “Build for you” mainly means that it is ITC who makes the buildings, but that the support of the consumer is what drives the ITC. It was designed in YE 36, along with the logo.

Another slogan that was used during the days of Kenichi-Odaka Enterprises, coined by Odaka, was “ Taking anyone, anywhere!” which was a reference to the international stand of that company. It is since only used in advertising.

About the ITC

In YE 36, as a response to the growing number of interstellar trade and migration, the ITC was made. Formerly, it was known as Kenichi-Odaka Enterprises (which was founded in YE 35) before Skeggason Bjarkmar joined and the HQ was relocated to Ushobrakflug. The corporation is responsible for several civilian highways, monorails and city streets, mainly on the planet Ushobrakflug. While it was initially set up by members of Yamatai, the company takes up a relative neutral position. Thus, it is not limited to maintaining important infrastructure for Yamatai, but also offers its services to anyone willing and in need, hence the term 'Intergalactic'. The company is currently working on a own transporter spaceship product line, which is essentially an improved No-T1-1a - Mucoyi Civilian Shuttle. This process has been dubbed as project_dokuritsu-sei. Recently, the Headquarters were relocated to the largely uninhabited planet Ushobrakflug, near the borders with Neplesia. ITC is also known as the inventor of the ITC Sugureta Engine and the Tsukiakari-class Space Station, as well as the universal_traveller_s_product_line.

The company allows workers of any species, either Yamataian, Nepleslian or Abwhehran. As such, the customer is equally allowed to buy from the ITC. Most of the ITC client's are local traders, civilian's and small companies. No government has requested the company's services as of yet, although the Yamatai Government officially supports their work. In YE 38, it bought 2 Mobile Assembly Platform from Origin Industries Fleet Yards in order to begin producing its own star ships. In YE 39, it went public by establishing itself on the Yamatai Stock Exchange in Kyoto.


Date Event Details
summer of YE 35 Founding of Kenichi-Odaka Enterprises After long negotiations, Kenichi and Odaka agree to work together and form a small corporation specialising in Transport services. They begin with only 1000 workers under them, on the metropolis world of Planet Yamatai they start their small business lines.
Winter of YE 35 relocation to Ushobrakflug Because of the desire for own office space, Kenichi and Odaka fly around in Yamatai Star Empire space, in search of a good place. they find it on the largely empty world of Ushobrakflug. They decide to search closer, and find several empty Mishhuvurthyar bunkers, full of scrap metal. They soon made their base there, although the bunkers were not yet fully used and most of the ITC workers remained on Yamatai.
Spring of YE 36 Recruitment of Skeggason Bjarkmar In early March of YE 36, the need for a specialised R&D division came up, as the construction of the ITC Headquarters continued. to that end, a group of scientists were hired, mostly graduates from diverse Yamataian Universities. Along with them, was Skeggason Bjarkmar, one of the best students of his class and one of the few who had studied a double course in Applied Sciences & Advanced Sciences. To that end, Skegg was not only chosen as a scientist, but would also becoming the Head Scientist of the entire R&D Division.
Spring of YE 36 Building of the ITC Headquarters Soon after Skeggason joined, the bunkers found earlier on Ushobrakflug were scouted, emptied, rebuild and re-purposed in order to house both the production and management of the ITC. More than 5,000 builders were hired to aid in the construction.
Summer of YE 36 Completion of the ITC Headquarters After almost 2 months of endless building, repairing and planning on the ITC HQ, the building was completed. At first, all the divisions were housed inside, with almost each Division getting its own facility, later it was deemed to crowded.
Summer of YE 36 Building of Danketsu Station Soon after the ITC HQ was completed, the need for the R&D to work separately was put up by several leading scientists, mostly Skeggason himself. To that end, a orbital station housing capable nearly 3,000 scientists was devised. And soon after, construction of Danketsu Station was underway.
Fall of YE 36 Completion of Danketsu Station Main area Again, after a construction effort of over 2 months, the main area's of Danketsu station were completed. Instantly, most of the R&D personnel were shipped to the station, in order to directly begin work. Along with them, was Skeggason himself. Later, another 1,000 scientists were added to the station, bringing the number up to 4,000 scientists.
Fall of YE 36 Hiring of Monique Velaquez With the Maintenance Department growing in size to nearly the equal of the R&D Department, the need for a specific Manager again rose. Both Kenichi and Odaka agreed that they wanted someone from outside the company, and even from outside Yamatai Space. Therefore, they searched for a skilled mechanic who was not only good at welding, but also at managing and leading. They found a skilled mechanic and leader in a young woman from Nepleslia, by the name of Monique. They decided to hire her, after which she became the manager for the Maintenance Department.
Fall of YE 36 Attack on Danketsu Station Only two months after its completion, the parts still under construction of Danketsu Station were hit and severely damaged by an incoming asteroid, deliberately sent on impact by the mysterious Black Hand Syndicate. Although construction on the station was somewhat slowed down due to the probability of asteroid debris around the station, the work was soon picked up again after it was save enough again.
Winter of YE 36 Building of Prototype City Alpha As a main means to get Ushobrakflug, still underdeveloped and underpopulated, under attention, a huge project known simply as Prototype City Alpha was devised. After approval and slight modifications, Yamatai and ITC workers began alongside each other the construction of the first mayor settlement on planet Ushobrakflug.
Winter of YE 37 Annual Report After a moving year, with many constructing, recruiting and advertising projects jobs taken and completed,the year YE 36 was a moving year or the ITC. They have a long way to go to compete with conglomerates like Origin Industries and Tamahagane Corporation, but they are well on their way, and gaining favour from Yamatai.
Summer of YE 37 Beginning of universal_traveller_s_product_line In order to begin a separate line of travelling products, the universal_traveller_s_product_line is invented by ITC developers and marketing. It focuses on the creation of civilian and military transportation products, most notably the Universal Traveller's Folding Bike and Universal Traveller's Motorbike.
Fall of YE 38 Finalisation of Danketsu Station With the housing and entertainment modules completed, the building of Danketsu Station is completed. Research and Development facilities were the final modules to be completed. With this, Danketsu Station has become a hub for activity between the Yamatai Core systems and Bard Cluster, as well as remaining the main R&D facility for the ITC.

Business Plan

For details see: Itc Business Plan

Current business is getting moving, and the company has got a decent sales rate. The business plans for now is to focus on increasing name in Yamatai, and also to begin contacting people on Ushobrakflug to begin mass-production if needed. As said before, most customers are local and not very rich.

Most stuff that people buy are maintenance groups, as repairing is one of the biggest parts of this company. Only a small and local market has actually bought the products that have been for sale. Current plans to advertise the company throughout the galaxy have thus far been suspended due to a lack of funds. In YE 37 however, a small team of specialised marketing people was formed, containing only 200 people.

The ITC has recently started to offer Taxi services throughout Yamatai space, especially on Planet Yamatai, hence making the tag “Transport” in their name more applicable. Also, the ITC has started to construct Bus stops in order to greatly enhance their “Commercial transportation” abilities.

The company has recently started a project named “Prototype City Alpha”, basically the first in a line of habitation programs on the planet Ushobrakflug. They have support from the Legion regarding defences as well. Alongside the Yamataians who offered workers as well.In response to the amount of workers needed from the project, the company has hired another ~6,000 engineers and construction workers to work solely on the project.

As a small side business, the ITC also has set up several hiking routes around Ushobrakflug, most in the proximity of their HQ. Especially Bluestone Peak, to the north of the compound, offers a nice view of the entire HQ facilities.

On top of that, the ITC has begun development and sale of a navigation module line specialised for ground vehicles. This line is known as the Boken-ka Navigation Module line. Another important project was started in YE 37, revolving around personal transportation, called the universal_traveller_s_product_line.


Interstellar Construction Division

Responsible for constructing new highways, monorails and streets, it is the biggest of the three divisions, with more than ~15,000 construction personnel, and has a separate Division Manager, Kinzo Odaka. Recently, they have completed Danketsu Station above Ushobrakflug. This station will act as the R&D Headquarters. They are currently working on planetary-wide improvement of the infrastructure on Ushobrakflug. The ITC consists of three individual groups.

ICD Orbital Group

As the name states, the Orbital Group is mostly in charge of designing and building orbital stations, mining facilities and other interstellar structures. The group is in charge of Foreman Louise. It is regarded as the biggest of the ICD groups.

ICD Planetary Group

As the name states, the Planetary Group is in charge of designing and building of planetary infrastructure such as streets, monorails and highways. The group was in charge of the building of the ITC Headquarters. Officially, it is in charge of Foreman Edgar.

ICD Production Group

With the installation of the universal_traveller_s_product_line, a small group was created to solely fo us on the production and distribution of consumer goods from the ITC. They mostly operate out of ITC Garages, standardised in YE 38. The group is headed by Foreman Ayubi.

Interstellar Maintenance Division

After the Construction Division has built the many structures, the IMD is in charge of maintaining and repairing these structures. While not as big as the ICD, only consisting of ~8,000 maintenance personnel, it is certainly the most important, since it monitors and repairs all buildings and infrastructure that the ITC makes. The group is under command of Manager Monique Velaquez.

The IMD is split in a similar way as the ICD, one in charge of orbital maintenance and the other of planetary maintenance. the orbital group is run by Foreman Hector, the planetary group by Foreman Yukomi.

Research & Development Division

The smallest of the three main divisions, consisting of only ~5,000 scientist personnel, is responsible for the development of new technology by the ITC. Leader is Skeggason Bjarkmar, who, however, is not officially in charge. In YE 36, they relocated to a new Headquarters, the newly constructed Danketsu Station. Lately, they've been working on a new transporter spaceship product line, mostly an improved No-T1-1a - Mucoyi Civilian Shuttle. The ship will mostly act as a taxi service, but also as a cargo freighter. The division is split in several groups.

Ushobrakflug R&D Team

While shrunk to a minimum after the R&D Division relocated to Danketsu Station, this team is mostly in charge of testing the Danketsu Station data on a planetary surface with normal circumstances. It is run by Lead Scientist Akio. Recently, the team has been re-established to a number of nearly ~1,000 personnel following the needed ground tests for project Dokuritsu-Sei and lately Boken-ka Navigation Module. As a side job, they also developed the Universal Traveller's Folding Bike which has become very popular on Ushobrakflug.

Danketsu R&D Team

The bulk of the division works inside Danketsu Station, which housing over 4,000 scientists. It is responsible of most of the division main research projects. Skeggason Bjarkmar is personally leading of this team, but also coordinates the other teams on the division.

R&D Field Project Team

Only a small portion, around 200 scientists, is in charge of performing tasks on various planetary surfaces other than Ushobrakflug, an conducts research in name of the ITC. Due to the structure of the team, there is no central head, and the team reports to Head Scientist Bjarkmar.

Security Division

After an unforeseen attack on Danketsu Station and other threats by the mysterious Black Hand, Kenichi decided to set up a small Security group of around 2,500 men, responsible for defending all mayor ITC assets. The division is under direct command of Kenichi, and is divided up into several groups, all protecting one asset.

Headquarters Group

This group is in charge of securing the ITC Headquarters and its surrounding area, as well as the passageways. An outpost has been set up not far from the HQ gates, from were the guards monitor and check all incoming personnel and civilians. The team is in command of Chief Hyousuke, who also acts as unnoficial leader of the Division.

Danketsu station Group

This group is set up at various points at Danketsu Station to help secure the station in case of a new attack, by the Black Hand or otherwise. Some guards have also been set up at the Space-port, and monitor any in- and out-coming ships. The team is commanded by captain Kaila.

Prototype City Alpha Team

Although the city can deal mostly with the security put up by Legion V, a small group of guards is present to defend the ITC workers and managers. They also are stationed at the space-port, and help monitor the incoming cargo ships. The team is in command of captain Ryou.

Marketing & Customer Services Team

Although only consisting of 200 people, the marketing team is nevertheless an important part of the company. Under direct supervision from Kenichi the team is in charge with advertising, promoting and sponsoring everywhere in the galaxy, in name of the ITC. Manager Alvin, acting as organiser under Kenichi, has taken control of this group. In YE 38, the group added a new department of merely hundred employees, Customer Services, to accommodate the team. Their main focus is to improve consumer happiness, as well as maintain relations between independent buyers and larger companies.



Most of ITC's facility are based upon the largely empty and remote planet of Ushobrakflug, south of Yamatai Star System and Planet Nepleslia. They are in one space, which the Yamatai Department Of Colonization has dubbed the “Prime Development Area”.

ITC Headquarters

With the many open spaces on Ushobrakflug, the ITC was glad to open an independent facility to house their workers, as well as direct the whole company. The ITC Headquarters includes the factories for both the ICD and IMD, an small shipyard and several personnel quarters for the R&D team, as well as Marketing. Security is housed in a large barracks. It is in direct contact to Danketsu Station, which orbits at geostationary orbit.

The HQ is divided in several sections, each with an individual purpose. Director Kenichi controls the facility from the top of the Tower of Directors, while the managers maintain their own offices above the main factories.

Prototype City Alpha

Prototype City Alpha is considered the first civilian urban centre on Ushobrakflug. Inside the city, the ITC has set up a central base from where the constructing of the city is controlled and from where all the news to the HQ is send. The base itself is home to only 500 people, mostly foremen, architects and city planners. The rest of the personnel have their quarters in the nearby Workers Quarters.

Sqinq Mine

Not far from Prototype City Alpha there is a little quarry from which the stone needed for the streets and houses are quarried. It is under control of Foreman Arnold. In YE 39, multiple stalactite formations were found in another cave filled with glow worms, which was then opened as a tourist attraction under the name of 'Caves of Enlightenment'. In YE 40, a small station was built here to accommodate the growing tourists, as well as haul cargo by train.

Danketsu Station

The first orbital station produced by the ITC, Danketsu Station acts as the HQ for the R&D Division. It offers state-of-the-art machinery, a small space hangar and an expansive cargo area. It orbits around Ushobrakflug, roughly above the ITC HQ, at a geostationary orbit. Aside from the Research centre for the ITC, it also acts as a central trade and resupply hub for the Ushobrakflug system.

The station consists of 8 modules, circling around a central command module.


Before moving to Ushobrakflug, the company's facilities were on planet Planet Yamatai. Most on the building was torn down and it's materials were used in the new ITC HQ as a matter to preserve costs.

Recently, the ITC has set up some basic bus stops and taxi stations across the various cities on the planet to allow for more and faster transportation. It has received charters from the Uesureyan Fields Governorate to create a sophisticated PT network in YE 39. Progress is still ongoing.

Kawaishi Building

Completed in early YE 38 in downtown Kyoto, this small store acts as the main office of the ITC on Yamatai. Although it is only a small warehouse, occupied by two storage areas and a few small offices, it maintains the contacts between Yamatai and Ushobrakflug for the ITC. Oversight of the building lies with foreman Haiko, who also acts as the ITC liaison to the Yamatai Government. In YE 39 it received an expansion, in order to house the personnel needed to work the ITC's operations in the Yamatai Stock Exchange.

Product Information

Current Products

Here is a list of what the ITC has brought out:

Image Year of publication Product Name Cost Details
YE 36 ITC Sugureta Engine 4,000 KS to 10,000 KS/8,000 DA to 20,000 DA Three types available
YE 36 Tsukiakari-class Space Station 20,000,000 KS/40,000,000 DA For companies only, modifying price per module 100,000 KS/ 200,000 DA extra
YE 37 Boken-ka Navigation Module 6,500 KS/13,000 DA For surface vehicles only
YE 38 Zensen Advanced Navigation Device 9,800 KS/ 19,600 DA For military use only
YE 38 Taiwa Portable Interactive Map Device 1,800 KS/ 3,600 DA
YE 40 Zan-zai Traveller Kit 400 KS/800 DA

Universal Traveller's product line

Established in YE 37, the universal_traveller_s_product_line include several civilian and military ground vehicles, both manual and mechanised.

Image Year of publication Product Name Cost Details
YE 37 Universal Traveller's Folding Bike 120 to 320 KS/ 240 to 640 DA Three types available
YE 38 Universal Traveller's Motorbike 5,400 KS/10,800 DA
YE 40 Universal Traveller's Motorboat 38,000 KS/76,000 DA

Finances and Resources

Only mayor transactions are listed below, currency is in KS:

Reason Income Expenses Total after transaction
Initial deposit 100,000 KS 100,000 KS
Start-up Loan 1,000,000 KS 1,100,000 KS
Odaka investment 1,500,000 KS 2,600,000 KS
Kenichi investment 800,000 KS 3,400,000 KS
Velaquez investment 800,000 KS 4,200,000 KS
Bjarkmar investment 800,000 KS 5,000,000 KS
Ushobrakflug HQ -300,000 KS 4,700,000 KS
Danketsu Station -5,000,000 KS -300,000 KS
Loan request 5,000,000 KS 4,700,000 KS
bought 50 Devint T5 Personal Shuttle -300,000 KS 4,400,000 KS
bought 25 No-T1-1a - Mucoyi Civilian Shuttle -400,000 KS 4,000,000 KS
bought 60 General Purpose Off-Road Vehicle -300,000 KS 3,700,000 KS
bought 80 Ocelot Hover car -400,000 KS 3,300,000 KS
bought 5 Mule Ultralight Freighter -120,000 KS 3,180,000 KS
bought 5 Ge-E1-1a - Tenba-Class Transporter + 5 GS-E1-M3406 Passenger (MCS) -225,000 KS 2,955,000 KS
YE 36 Annual Personnel expenses -850,000 KS 2,115,000 KS
YE 36 Annual Marketing expenses -15,000 KS 2,100,000 KS
YE 36 Annual Maintenance expenses -315,500 KS 1,784,500 KS
YE 36 Annual Construction expenses -965,000 KS 819,500 KS
YE 36 Annual Tourism income 23,500 KS 843,000 KS
YE 36 Annual Transportation income 126,200 KS 869,200 KS
YE 36 Annual Rental income 387,600 KS 1,256,800 KS
YE 36 Annual Sales income 432,300 KS 1,689,100 KS
YE 36 Annual R&D expenses -238,000 KS 1,451,100 KS
Bought 10 No-K1-1a - Civilian Terrain Vehicle -50,000 KS 1,401,100 KS
YE 36 Two-Yearly Loan repay -500,000 KS 901,100 KS
YE 37 Annual Tourism income 39,800 KS 940,100 KS
YE 37 Annual Transportation income 138,400 KS 1,079,300 KS
YE 37 Annual Rental income 396,100 KS 1,475,400 KS
YE 37 Annual Sales income 398,700 KS 1,874,100 KS
YE 37 Stocks income 17,600 KS 1,891,700 KS
YE 37 Annual Personnel expenses -890,600 KS 1,001,100 KS
YE 37 Annual Marketing expenses -22,800 KS 978,3,300
YE 37 Annual Maintenance expenses -275,200 KS 703,100 KS
YE 37 Annual Construction expenses -497,300 KS 205,800 KS
YE 37 Annual R&D expenses -127,100 KS 78,700 KS
YE 37 Foreign investment 34,000 KS 112,700 KS
YE 37 Government Contracting income 125,000 KS 237,700 KS
YE 38 Annual Tourism income 40,600 KS 278,300 KS
YE 38 Annual Transportation income 156,500 KS 434,800 KS
YE 38 Annual Rental income 442,200 KS 877,000 KS
YE 38 Annual Sales income 487,300 KS 1,364,300 KS
YE 38 Annual Stocks income 20,100 KS 1,384,400 KS
YE 38 Government Contracting Income 125,000 KS 1,509,400 KS
YE 38 Foreign Investment 150,000 KS 1,659,400 KS
YE 38 Annual Personnel expenses -894,500 KS 764,900 KS
YE 38 Annual Marketing expenses -73,900 KS 691,000
YE 38 Annual Maintenance expenses -256,300 KS 434,700 KS
YE 38 Annual Construction expenses -193,600 KS 241,100 KS
YE 38 Annual R&D expenses -184,400 KS 56,700 KS
Sold One Tsukiakari-class Space Station 20,000,000 KS -5,000,000 KS 15,056,700 KS
YE 38 Two-Annual Loan Return -4,500,000 KS 10,556,700 KS
Bought 10 Courier 2A -1,600,000 KS 8,956,700 KS
Bought 3 Caravan Heavy Freighter -1,800,000 KS 7,156,700 KS
Bought 2 Mobile Assembly Platform -1,000,000 KS 6,156,700 KS
YE 39 Annual Tourist income 57,400 KS 6,214,100 KS
YE 39 Annual Transportation income 175,930 KS 6,490,030 KS
YE 39 Annual Rental income 444,950 KS 6,834,980 KS
YE 39 Annual Sales income 790,680 KS 7,625,660 KS
YE 39 Annual Stocks income 24,200 KS 7,649,860 KS
YE 39 Government Contracting income 140,000 KS 7,789,860 KS
YE 39 Foreign Investment 200,000 KS 7,989,860 KS
YE 39 Annual Personnel expenses -910,560 KS 7,079,300 KS
YE 39 Annual Marketing expenses -67,400 KS 7,011,900 KS
YE 39 Annual Maintenance expenses -267,500 KS 6,744,440 KS
YE 39 Annual Construction expenses -154,200 KS 6,490,240 KS
YE 39 Annual R&D expenses -56,200 KS 6,434,040 KS
Bought 40 Heavy-Duty Off-Road Vehicle -460,000 KS 5,974,040 KS
Bought 10 Mocca Cargo Plane -235,000 KS 5,739,040 KS
Bought 20 Dearglass Light Cargo -400,000 KS 5,339,040 KS
YE 40 Annual Tourist income 65,000 KS 5,404,040 KS
YE 40 Annual Transportation income 188,560 KS 5,592,600 KS
YE 40 Annual Rental income 470,300 KS 6,062,900 KS
YE 40 Annual Sales income 970,400 KS 7,032,900 KS
YE 40 Annual Stocks 25,200 KS 7,058,100 KS
YE 40 Government Contracting income 123,000 KS 7,181,100 KS
YE 40 Foreign Investment 160,000 KS 7,341,100 KS
YE 40 Annual Personnel expenses -924,200 KS 6,416,900 KS
YE 40 Annual Marketing expenses -58,400 KS 6,358,500 KS
YE 40 Annual Maintenance expenses -271,200 KS 6,087,300 KS
YE 40 Annual Construction expenses -147,900 KS 5,939,400 KS
YE 40 Annual R&D expenses -528,600 KS 5,410,800 KS


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