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Ironhart Family

The Ironhart Family is a bloodline with certain distinctive traits, easily identified by a genetic memory1) and a very dominant gene for green eyes and brown hair.

Members of this bloodline tend to be extremely resilient and intelligent, often with a certain bravery jokingly referred to as “Hero Disorder,” I.E., a selflessness and apparent lack of regard for personal safety that is emphasized by a habit of getting extremely close to danger, but staying just barely within minimum safe ranges.

This family also has a very high muscle density when compared to other Nepleslians (or the occasional Elysian), making them unusually physically strong for their size. Some members have been known to easily lift twice their body weight with one hand, with only moderate physical training. This is bolstered by a “blood rage” that most Ironharts are capable of. Simply an adrenaline rush combined with an extreme uptic in aggression and the removal of any biological safeties on strength, endurance, and pain tolerance.

On the down side, the Ironhart family is typically oversensitive to stimulants, some members having potentially lethal reactions to such things as a cup of coffee.

As one can imagine, the genetic traits lend the Ironhart family to be adventurers, explorers, and soldiers in a long and proud lineage that predates Yamatai and Nepleslia by several hundred years.

Notable Members

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Memory presents at six or seven years old as a song that was not taught to them, using words in a dead language believed to be older than the Kikyou Sector. Origin language is unknown. Melody is similar to lullabies, though it is often sung in a sorrowful tone.
Mercenary researcher specializing in stellar prospecting, high risk data gathering, and orbital espionage and support
Lead engineer at Section 6 Advanced Research and Development labs and astrophysics/astronavigation teacher at Osman University
Triplet daughters of Sarah Ironhart- Pine and Rose
Son of Sarah and Rose

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