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Kirie and Keiko Accessories

This is a listing of components compatible with the Kirie Thought Armor and the Keiko Thought Armor. Mindy Accessories which mount dorsally or on the shoulders may also be compatible if they can be successfully fitted or adapted, though no Mindy Teleportation Modules have sufficient mass requirements function. Mindy Accessories are to be listed here as they are tested on the Kirie and Keiko lines.

In YE 39, the Kirie and Keiko and their onboard accessories were all modified to be more modular. Hip hardpoints were also added to the system, for a total of 11 hardpoints and two handheld options. The Star Army Butt Pack, Type 29 was also added as an option.

Hardpoint Locations

Location Type Number
Mid Backpack Packpack Hardpoint 1
Upper Backpack Behind Shoulders Shoulder Hardpoint 2
Hips Hip Hardpoints 2
Forearms Forearm Hardpoints 2
Outer Calf of Leg Side Leg Hardpoints 2
Rear of Leg Rear Leg Hardpoints 2
Hands Handheld Weapons 2

Backpack Modules

Shoulder Modules

Hip Modules

Forearm Modules

Side Leg Modules

Rear Leg Modules

Handheld Components

OOC Notes

This was submitted by Toshiro in this thread and it was approved by Ametheliana in this post on 8/26/2017.

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