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SSCC-XL Living Complex

The SSCC-XL Living Complex is a building made of SSCC-XL Prefab Modules, which in turn are made of SSCC-XL Cargo Containers as a cost effective option for rapid building construction. It was designed by Kage Yaichiro for various purposes in YE 40 for sale by the Sunflower Corporation. These buildings can appear in various configurations, but are limited to 10 stories in height.

About the SSCC-XL Living Complex

A side effect of the Hauler-class Logistics Ship, the Living Complex uses different kinds of SSCC-XL Prefab Modules to construct an easy-to-assemble building. The building can make use of the modules' Plasma Projection Systems for being guided into position and even as weaponized point defense if the building needs to be secure from external threats and the Power/Matter Systems that employ civilian versions of the Star Army Fabrication Chamber, Type 39 for decentralized waste management and power. The modules used for the Living Complex tend to be Endcap Modules for hallways or elevators, Passenger Modules for classrooms and theaters, and Living Modules for actual residences. Modules can also be altered for more custom rooms such as lobbies.


The appearances of the buildings can vary as widely as any other building, especially once a facade is added. However, the buildings are almost always under 10 stories tall. Some buildings are built as underground bunkers and aren't even clearly visible.

History and Background

When creating the Hauler-class Logistics Ship for the Sunflower Corporation in YE 40, Kage Yaichiro elected to develop modules which could be used with the vessel to increase its versatility. However, as the war dragged on and refugees became more common, in addition to the knowledge that rapid-to-construct buildings were required, Yaichiro elected to take these SSCC-XL Cargo Container-based inventions and make it possible to assemble them in new ways to make bunkers and buildings.


The price of such a building is based on the modules employed to create it. As such, the price can vary. The recycling of SSCC-XL Cargo Containers, however, can drastically lower the price of the building. The same 12% discount for active or veteran members of the Star Army of Yamatai, Scientific Studies Service (SSS), or the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia is available.

The external facade, placement, and installation of elevators are included as a courtesy unless desired to be left alone.

Building Type Price After Deduction for SSCC-XL After Military Deduction After Both Deductions
10 story, 240 person 392,400 KS 277,200 KS 345,312 KS 230,112 KS
10 story, 240 person + lobby or theater 395,400 KS 279,300 KS 347,952 KS 231,852 KS
10 story, 480 person 770,400 KS 547,200 KS 677,952 KS 454,752 KS
10 story, 480 person + lobby or theater 773,400 KS 549,300 KS 680,592 KS 456,492 KS

Module Systems

The systems in the Living Complex are not the most advanced, but they are rather cost-effective and robust. All are designed for constant use and living. All of the systems in this building are Common Module Systems which are found in all modules but the Endcap Module.

Weapons Systems

Each module that isn't an Endcap Module has 24 Plasma Guns, though in many cases the majority cannot be brought to bear due to positioning or choices in facade. The number is still quite massive depending on the building, however, allowing them to be used as an anti-infantry defense. A typical 240 person building has 200 guns which are on two sides and the roof, meaning that such buildings are often rotated 90 degrees in relation to each other when in close groupings. It is possible to add Plasma Guns to the endcaps on request to alleviate these blind spots as well.

OOC Notes

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Product Categoriesbuildings
Product NameSSCC-XL Living Complex
ManufacturerSunflower Corporation, Yugumo Corporation
Price (KS)392โ€ฏ,400.00 KS

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