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Kaidan Telecommunications

A small time telecommunications company based in Kyoto Yamatai. Kaidan Telecomm has been known for their work in trying to start a fledgling entertainment venue called “Immersion Gaming” or IG. To date they have released several communicator style handheld games that are downloadable from their company’s Network for a minor service fee. Currently they have begun work on a major venture that they hope would catch on as a means for starship crews to unwind with.

The company signed a small time, but growing synth/dance band to preform the music sound tracks for their games, the band is named Echoes.

Games that have been released


* Mishhu Invaders - A Run-and-Gun Shoot’em Up set in Funky City during the Mishhu bombardment. * Galaxy Adventure - An RPG game where you play as a man (or woman) searching for fame in the universe. * Neko No Oden - A relatively strange puzzle game, involving foodstuffs and Neko.

Games currently under development

  • Pirates and Privateers Wolves of the South Yamatai Sea - A Massive Multiplayer game currently in production, preorder adds have already been sent through the PATHENON network.
  • Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai - A Multiplayer game being developed back to back with Pirates and Privateers.
  • Galaxy Adventure 2 - Emergence - The long awaited sequel to Galaxy Adventure.

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