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Lazarus Stasis System

A means of storing objects long term without interruption, the stasis system effectively stops time within its confines. Ideal for shipping organics without having to endure quarantine laws (due to loopholes in the law), Lazarus distribute and move their ROM Constructs in this way.

It was created in early YE34.


Type: Stasis mechanism Designers: Lazarus Consortium Nomenclature: N/A Manufacturer: Lazarus Consortium Production: Mass Production

About the Lazarus Stasis System

The stasis pod relies on a mechanism not unlike that used with the Combined Field System, creating a pocket-universe using gravitic centrifuges. By altering the 'rules' of the pocket universe (known as a stasis field), the quantum potential probability can reduced to close to zero โ€“ meaning time within the field elapses much much slower than it does outside the field โ€“ though it can never be stopped entirely. The rate of stoppage is referred to as the 'stasis factor' and during revival is gradually equalized to minimize shock to the subject.

It is common practice to combine the Stasis System with drugs, such as an anesthetic, fluid/blood sugar regulation, blood clensers, biopreservatives and metabolism regulators.


Unfortunately, the stasis system can sometimes be less effective on denser objects (which experience the passage of time more quickly beyond their connective bounds โ€“ meaning computers and synthetic components such as cybernetics within a biological subject continue to function at close to full capacity. Often, special precautions have to be put in place, since thermal discharge from such systems may occur so 'rapidly' to an organic subject that they result in burns - despite being very slow and conventionally speaking, harmless.

This problem is only experienced in objects with a big and sudden shift in density, such as cybernetics - and the problem is uncommon.


This makes the technology ideal for the storage of ROM constructs (commonly distributed in Aria biological bodies, whose organic components can be preserved and stored long-term while their software 'minds' continue to operate close to full capacity. Often, a communications system and jacking equipment is also included, allowing the ROM Construct to access nearby computer systems, as well as sensors. Important is that the revival process is triggered specifically by the construct.

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