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Method's Mechanics

Company Statistics
Established YE 33
Employees 1
Associated Factions Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia The Free State

History of the Shop

Widgethead Method Nine Five was, among many other things, a member of a security team aboard Cirrus Station. After an attack on an ecological summit her team was assigned to guard, she decided she was fed up with the poor-quality equipment they were issued and the lack of technical work for her to do, and she hopped (read: stowed away on) the next shuttle off the station - which happened to be bound for Francia, a growing Nepleslian colony world. She landed there and proceeded to accrete as much machinery and parts to her as she could, eventually assembling them into a sort of place for people to have whatever they brought repaired, disassembled, reassembled, polished, or possibly stolen.

About the Shop

Located in the shopping district of Francia City, Method's Mechanics is a teetering, tall building that looks like it was nailed together out of corrugated sheet metal and given only a cursory coat of paint in whatever colors Method had at the time. Inside, it's even worse - the hanging, shadeless bulbs illuminate an interior that more closely resembles a magpie's nest than any kind of functional storefront. A well-polished penny-farthing bicycle leans against the wall near the door - Method's preferred transportation around the city. There's a front counter, but it's almost buried in the omnipresent piles of whatever Method found interesting at the time. In the back, there are hastily-constructed stairs that look like they would crumble at the slightest application of weight, defying physics with the junk heaped on them. If ascended, they would lead to floor after floor of similar spaces. The topmost floor is Method's bedroom, a mythical place known only to the Freespacer and any birds which fly in the gaping windows that give her an excellent view of the city.

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