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The Mining Guild’s ANT Power Armor

The Mining Guild’s ANT Power Armor was created by the Department Of Engineering originally in the form of previous Industrial power armor whose construction plans were later borrowed and remade using the HEPAS-1 system standards for use in mining work. It was meant for use in demilitarized service.

About the Armor

The ANT power armor allows for the integration of both the protection as well as the strength of power armor into a demilitarized monster capable of keeping the wearer safe in a potentially hazardous environment, from cave-ins possibly crushing the poor miner, to undetectable gasses that can kill a miner through suffocation, or even ignited to flood the area full of flames.

Statistics & Performance

The specific statistic information about the power armor is here.

  • Class: See: MG-M1a-41
  • Designers: Mining Guild
  • Fielded by: Mining Guild
  • Range: 24 hours
  • Maintenance Cycle: checked every 24 hours, and worked on then if need be
  • Lifespan: lifelong with proper maintenance


The ANT Power Armor was created based on previous models of industrial power armor, and as such it sports a humanoid shape to better fit the wearers use during operations. The Guild’s ANT Power Armor was modified and changed to suit only one purpose which was mining. One obvious and big change was the Mole Claws attachment because it is much more noticeable. Due to the possible limited light down in the tunnels. Each power armor has a luminous belt, around the waist as well as shoulder straps. This glow in case of emergency and each helmet has a built-in flashlight attached to it to allow the miners to see if the light in the tunnels goes out.

Mining Guild's ANT
ANT back



The Department Of Engineering originally created its predecessor in the form of other industrial power armor, using the Hepas-1 system, to keep workers working in a hazardous environment safe from harm. Since the build plans for the armor were allowed to be sold to corps, the Mining Guild’s Astrid and Aeta Kurosaki jumped at the chance and they purchased the build plans and using Department Engineers Engineers, they had a power armor built for their miners to work in the mines, and eventually their mining operations on asteroids. They added their own touches to it, added parts that weren’t in the original plans.


As armor meant for mining, it keeps the wearer safe from harm and is capable of filtering carbon monoxide so that the wearer can breathe. Similar to the Mindy, with the use of the Miner Undersuit, the wearer can relieve themselves without leaving the power armor.


As an industrial power armor, the ANT is meant for the mining type of work. It is completely demilitarized, and despite its durability, its weapons aren’t strong enough to deal with military-based power armor. The mining laser is not strong enough to penetrate shields, and although the claws are capable of killing unarmored opponents, it can’t hope to penetrate true armored opponents.

Power Armor Stats

  • Ground Speed (Running): 45 MPH
  • Damage Rating (Version 3): Medium Power Armor
  • Hull: 15 SP (Armor scale)
  • Strength: 2,000 Lbs due to heavy duty servos

Armor Size

Specific information about the armor size is in the table

Height 1.78 meters tall, or 5 foot 2)
Width 3 feet or 1 meter, 3)
Length 1 foot or 1/3 meter
Weight 420 lb

Getting In and Out

When the basket is moved to the side, the user can enter the ANT Power Armor from the back, which was a result of the modification to the power armor. To exit the user has to have the armor stand at its bay, which unlocks the entrance, allowing the user to leave the power armor.

Controlling the Armor

As primarily a means of a safety feature the Miner Undersuit is used in order to provide control over the power armor, and the comfort. The control specifically is done via an implant that connected to the back of the neck via the undersuit.


The ANT Power armor is fitted with a geological detection device that can detect when an earthquake is occurring while on a planet, and it can connect with the undersuit systems in order to allow the usage of the power armor, and it is connected with the life support systems. Thanks to the fact that the strength is mainly in the servos, the systems control the use as well as power transfers.


The armor is composed of a Durandium Alloy and Aggregated Diamond Nanorods in order to give it enhanced durability, and to prevent falling rocks, or boulders from crushing the user. Due to how the power armor is made, it is capable of retaining the shape of the structure under stresses up to the amount of 20kg/cm. 4) It can also withstand impact up to 650kg moving at 46kph.

Life Support

The ANT’s life support system is rather extensive, due in part to the locations in which it operates. Every 2 seconds there is a scanner, which scans the user, and if the system detects that the user is thirsty or is low on their water needs, then it will extend a straw-like item, which allows the user to drink the water. The tank has water from a combination of sources such as, filtered and cleaned bodily fluids, and the collection of water from the air that is breathed in order to keep the user hydrated. This can last up to the limit of 2 weeks of operation time

Hazardous airborne elements noxious fumes, decayed biomass, and bacterial pathogens, are all intercepted by the armor’s medical-grade filtration systems and thus are immediately removed from the user’s air supply. The power armor also recycles the air within the power armor, keeping the gas, at the maximum accepted levels. The filters to clean air usually lasts for 2 weeks, if in a situation where the user is stuck and can't get to his or her people.

Thanks to the protection of the armor, as well as the specialized systems, the ANT can endure low-level radiation, in an indefinite amount of time, 16 hours for the moderate amount of radiation, and 12 hours for heavy concentrations of radiation. Thanks to the systems, the ANT won't degrade while in the vacuum of space.

The ANT works with the Undersuit in order to keep the body at a comfortable temperature, and no matter if the user is out in space, it will all keep them safe.

Power Systems

The ANT Power Armor is powered by a power cell which is made to be clean and non-destructive to the environment.

Sensors and Communications

Mineral Scanner is built into the power armor, and the user will be able to detect if they have taken all the materials that they were able to take. They have access to a wireless network for communication needs, and they are able to hear each other speak, or sing but not their breathing. They can also get announcements if they don't look at their time detection systems.


Mole Claws located at the fingers

Plasma Cutter/Torch located on the forearm

OOC Notes

Charaa created this article on 2019/09/05 18:12.

HEPAS-1 was a System thought up by Madi Harper and while an article wasn’t created yet, but it’s a standard for specialty power armors to civilian use. Based on specialty and hazardous environment rating code. It’s a modular civilian armor for non-combat roles, such as a firefighter, or underwater welding or like the ANT, Mining Armor. Which would all be built differently.

This is based on Madi’s words on what HEPAS-1 is.

Approved by Syaoran on 12/18/2019

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriespower armor
Product NameAnt Power Armor
ManufacturerMining Guild
Year ReleasedYE 41
Price (KS)250.00 KS
ANT Power armor art was created by Jack Pine
2) , 3)
subject to user's form

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