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Mugen Armories E1 Energy Pistol

The Mugen Armories E1 is an energy pistol modeled after Ketsurui Zaibatsu's Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol. It was the standard sidearm for Peacekeeping Forces of the United Outer Colonies.

About the E1

The E1 is a scalar energy weapon, firing green-colored electrogravitic pulses. Its attacks require gravity to function, and is therefore nullified by anti-gravity shielding. Its Damage Rating (Version 3) is DR 3.

E1's origin

The United Outer Colonies had several requirements for a sidearm. The most major was a weapon that could be brought to full-scale production in a short time โ€” an economic factor that spoiled the visions of some designers for a combination weapon. The most obvious choice was the NSP, but politicians were concerned that using a rebranded NSP would inflame relations with Kyoto and โ€œpaint peacekeepers with a dirty brush.โ€ These concerns were mitigated by the long-standing presence of the civilian version of the Type 28 NSP, which had been on the market for nearly two years.

The Peacekeepers had the following requirements:

  • A size not exceeding 18 cm in length.
  • A weight not exceeding 750 grams total.
  • An energy capacity no lower than 50 standard-strength shots.
  • A thumb-activated, ambidextrous safety lever (instead of the pointer-activated button on the NSP).
  • A stun option.
  • A built-in tactical white light/blue-white laser combo in front of the trigger and below the barrel, with back-up battery.
  • A trigger pull not exceeding 3 kilograms.
  • Able to survive a drop from space.
  • Dark grey frame, matte-black upper.
  • Plastioid grips.
  • Lanyard loop.

No contracts were put out, though the weapon was not designed completely in-house. Jun Uusushi, an adopted son of the head of quirky Nepleslian arms manufacturer Sitanin Zbrojovka Unlimited, was recruited by Mugen Armories, and brought with him the influence of his adopted father. The result was a decidedly retro weapon in terms of appearance, but utterly reliable and inexpensive to manufacture.

E1's design (visuals)

The flavor of the E1 comes from SiZi's major pistol model, the Model 79. It has non-electric controls, is entirely constructed of Durandium-aluminium alloy, and has a durable, matte black/blue polycoat finish.


Length (whole;barrel) 180 mm; 140 mm
Height 140 mm
Width (grip) 36 mm at widest point
Grip angle 100 degrees
Weight (u;l) 680 g; 745 g
Trigger travel 0.5 cm
Trigger pull 2 kg (single action)
Bore size 10 mm


Damage DR 3
Accuracy 0 MOA
Recoil Minuscule (.22 LR-like)
Range 200 m max, 100 m practical.
Durability DR 4
Capacity 75 shots
Light runtime (mag,bat) 150,2 hours
Laser runtime (mag,bat) 700,10 hours


  • Frame-mounted, ambidextrous safety switch. Up (white) safe, down (green) fire.
  • Frame-mounted, ambidextrous magazine release button. Push in to release free-fall magazine.
  • Frame-mounted, ambidextrous firing selector. Forward lethal, back non-lethal.
  • Frame-mounted, underside tactical light/laser button. Once for light/off, twice (quickly) for laser/off.
  • Curved blade trigger (silver-colored).

Pertinent parts/components

  • BR-E1a battery magazine (20 mm wide, 70 mm tall)
  • GP-E1a black plastic grips
  • GP-E1b walnut grips
  • BA-E1a barrel/electronics component (sealed unit, top half of the pistol)
  • LN-E1a removable, frame-mounted lanyard loop (located on the bottom of the butt)
  • ST-E1a removable rear dovetail sight + fore compact light-pipe sight
  • HL-E1a universal belt/thigh holster

Using the E1

The E1 has a single-action trigger, but is always โ€œcocked.โ€ To fire the weapon, simply switch the safety to โ€œfireโ€ and pull the trigger. The E1 has no automatic- or grenade-fire capability.

To clean the E1, switch the pistol to safe, remove the magazine and pull the trigger. The BA-E1a will be pushed forward; from there, it can be slid off. To clean the contacts on the bottom of the unit, use the small vial of rubbing alcohol kept in the butt of the gun. Reach it by removing the magazine and twisting the loop 90 degrees to the left.

To store the E1, remove the magazine and BA-E1a parts, leaving only the frame. Store all three in the same container, after covering the BA-E1a with its plastic cap.

OOC Notes

Authored by Doshii Jun and approved by Wes on Apr 3, 2008 1)

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