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Ionoche class Light Carrier

In YE 30, Motoyoshi Fleet Yards began designing a new line of Carriers for the Star Army of Yamatai, specifically taking in mind the interests of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet.

Design Goals

The Ionoche Class Light carrier meets the following design goals, laid out by MFY and the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet :

  • A smaller sized carrier with stealth capabilities.
  • Ability to carry One thousand Power Armor Pilots, the standard size of one Power Armor Wing in the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet.
  • A vessel capable of performing independent operations with limited need for resupply or fleet resources.

History and Namesake

The Carrier was named at the request of Empress Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, in honor of Caine Motoyoshi. Caine being one of two survivors of the tragic encounter between the Namiko Carrier Group and the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) in the Murf System, in YE 28, that resulted in the loss of many fine officers of the Fleet. Caine's carrier since has been highly decorated, including his current assignment as leader of the 17th Kasairyuu Power Armor Wing.

The Ionoche Class Light Carrier was designed by Koyanagi Mayumi, production on as needed basis will be performed at Hotaru Star Fortress.

Statistical Data


Organizations Using This Vessel
Vessel Role Classification

Light Power Armor Carrier

Class Designation

MY-C1-1a Ionoche Light Carrier


Motoyoshi Fleet Yards โ€“ Main Design Ketsurui Fleet Yards โ€“ Utilized Technologies Hotaru Star Fortress


Production as needed.


Personnel: 85 (Before Armor Pilots & Infantry)

Standard Complement
Command Staff
001 Commander
001 First Officer
003 Intelligence Officers
001 Starship Navigators
002 Communications Officers
005 Operations Officers
002 Capital Ship Pilots
Crew Support Personnel
010 Supply Officers
002 Armorers
010 Cooking Staff
003 Science Officers
010 Medical Staff
Ship Support Personnel
003 Tactical Specialists
002 Defensive Systems Specialists
030 Technical Sentries
006 Power Systems Specialists
Standard Armor Pilot Compliment:
1,000 NH-29 Armor Pilots
Maximum Capacity
2,000 personnel + 100 NH-12 Nekovalkyrja Sprite

Vessel Dimensions

Length: 600m Width: 100m Height: 70m Decks: 10 (7m average deck height, some decks are much larger: Production Bays, Launch Bay, Cargo Holds, Weapons Storage, Bridge, etc) Mass: Unknown


Category Starship Type Class Sublight Engines Distortion Field Hyperspace Drive
1 MFY Warship Ionoche .320c 11,500c 394,470c (0.75 ly/m)

Speed (Aerial): Not designed for atmospheric use. Speed (Water): Not designed for water use.

Range: Limited by lifespan of the vessel. Except that crew can only be supported for up to fifty years without resupply. Lifespan: Two hundred years of continual use, with major overhaul every forty years. Refit: Frequent minor modifications while in service through the PANTHEON automatic upgrade system

Notable Internal Features





Ionoche Spaceframe and Hull

Shouri Multi-layer Hull and Frame Construct:CS Armor Series Type 4A Construct DR Rating: DR 7 With Zanarium Coating for Stealth.

Hull Sections

Main Body:
  • Ventral Forward
  • Ventral Central
  • Ventral Aft
  • Dorsal Forward
  • Dorsal Central
  • Dorsal Aft
  • Starboard Lateral Forward
  • Starboard Lateral Aft
  • Port Lateral Forward
  • Port Lateral Aft

Integrated Hull Systems

Regenerative Shield System

The Fifth Expeditionary Fleet has utilized data gained from the Himiko-class Light Escort (the YSS Asamoya) assigned from the First Expeditionary Fleet for joint operations in YE 30. Using a series of shield generators each with a redundant generator that provide alternate coverage on specific regions of the ship when integrity drops below a predetermined percentage. In practice, this allows the active shield generator to bear the brunt of incoming fire while the redundant generator remains on hot standby. As the primary generator drops in integrity, power is then increased to the redundant generator which seamlessly takes over the burden of shielding that portion of the ship, allowing the other generator to once again recharge on standby. As shield piercing/tunneling properties are generally only good to cleave through one layer of energy shielding, the Ionoche can offer up to six layers as a counter.

Damage Rating: 8.

Regenerative Shield Generators

  • Dorsal
  • Ventral
  • Starboard
  • Port
  • Bow
  • Aft

Anti-FTL Projection System

Anti-FTL Field

  • Capable of projecting a Anti-FTL field 1 AU in diameter.

Graviton Projection Arrays (8)

Capable of producing graviton beams and fields which can be used to tow other spacecraft or shuttles. The projector is ineffective against ships using gravitic shielding.

Mounting Ports (2)

Umbilicals and airlock systems allowing the Ionoche to docking with other Star Army of Yamatai ships.

Multi-purpose Rapid Launch Bays and Armories (25)

The bays are distributed more or less evenly around the ship's hull, they are the height of three average deck sections. The combined bays serve for the launch of shuttles and armors. The floor is a glossy, polished black and the walls are made of the typical gray paneling found in most Star Army ships.

Maintenance alcoves line the forward most section of the bays, as well as pilot locker storage and weapon holds for armor weaponry and accessories. In the event of an emergency, blast shutters and force fields can seal the bays off from the rest of the ship.

Each bay can contain approximately 25 Power Armor and 2 shuttles, and has an attached armory. It is protected by a forcefield until unlocked by the CO, PA Commander, or IES, so as not to permit theft of the weapons by the enemy.

Computer Systems

Onslaught System is a placeholder until MFY completes MIKO.

The Ionoche houses its AI core in a horizontal reinforced chamber beneath its Main Engineering section. The core chamber is built of solid Yamataium and has two access points; An internal access stair from the maintenance tunnel system beneath Engineering provides on ship access and external hatch doors utilized for base facility conducted maintenance or for emergency ejection procedures. Only qualified technicians, upper fleet flag officers and the ships commander have access to the core chamber or operate the emergency ejection system.

Manual Ejection Procedure

To be utilized if system is compromised or severely damaged:

  • Authorized Genetic Lock Access to Emergency Ejection System Controls.
  • In the event that the vessel's power systems are available, external portable aether or battery power systems can be tied into the conduit.
  • Open Hatch Doors.
  • Eject core.
  • Remotely activate the self destruct package destroying the core.

Environmental Support Systems

Emergency Systems

Star Army Standard Starship Emergency Systems

โ˜… 1 Star Army Escape Pod, Type 30 holds 5 personnel. Other personnel will need to use their power armors and shuttles.

Propulsion Systems

Power Generation Systems

Quantum Foam Generator (8)

This generator is the most advanced power source NovaCorp/MFY has. It taps into the Quantum of Space-Time foam that makes up the universe, a sea of virtual particles snapping in and out of existence, and wormholes existing for fractions of a second, and takes some of the energy from this. Quantum foam is an amazingly potential source of energy, enough energy to boil all of a planets ocean every second, for every cubic centimeter. However the NovaCorp generator is not up to this level of efficiency, and can only take in a fraction of this energy. However this is offset as the generator does not tap only one centimeter cubed, but several generators each tapping five cubic meters.None of these run on full capacity, in order that if one generator or more is lost the ship can increase the capacity of the other Generators to compensate.

The Type 30 Link Siphon (Retconned)s allow power to be drawn from a star and used by the ship, which also generates Compressed Helium to fill the Compressed Helium Containers for emergency fuel. It continues an ongoingfusion reaction without electromagnetic acceleration, using equidistant pressure instead. Because of this true star-grade fusion, much higher power is delivered when compared to normal artificial nuclear fusion.

These can be found in the four corners of the room.

Compressed Helium Containers (8)

The Compressed Helium Containers allow the storage of Compressed Helium into tanks for sale, or later reuse. Often, however, they are sold to MFY for civilian use.

Training Systems

MFY Power Armor Training Pods (200)

It is still true that you have to actually pilot a Power Armor to learn how to use one. However, in areas where such exercises would attract unwanted enemy attention, this may be the best alternative available.

The Power Armor Training Pods are meant to simulate training within a Power Armor, a half-dozen lining the wall of the Power Armor Pod (PAP) Room. These pods not only contain the standard fleshy insert of a Power Armor pod, but false helmets which feed data to the pilot. Also installed are heating, cooling, and force application elements to simulate the environment, various acceleration factors, the force of hits, tactile data, and the recoil of some types of weaponry. Direct interfaces and manual control are all compatible with these units.

Weapons Systems

Antineutron beam turrets (150):

This powerful weapon launches a stream of antineutrons at 99% the speed of light at the enemy. The speed of the particles deals significant damage in itself, to shields and matter, and the non-charged nature of the particle means it goes through certain types of charged shield designed to prevent particle beams, with ease. In addition the fact they are anti-particles means they annihilate on contact with matter, causing the matter to either explode due to mutual annihilation, or destabilize. The turrets have a 360 by 150 degree arc.


Location: Spread over the hull of the ship, primarily to fill in the gaps of the Striker Arrays. Primary Purpose: Anti-fighter Secondary Purpose: Anti-starship Damage: 6 (against shields), 7 (against hulls). Range: 6 million miles (after this any damage dealt to shields will be negligible) Rate of Fire: 20RPM Payload 50 canisters per turret. These are slowly restocked.

Electron Drill Missile Launchers (16):

These launchers are scattered along the hull, and can rotate in a 90 by 90 degree cone. These are meant to disable electrical systems by excessive electron release, as well as to catayze antimatter reactions within enemy ships with Positron stores.

Electron Drill Missile

KFY-B4-W3000 Positron 'Striker' Array (4)

OOC Notes

Page originally created January 12, 2008.

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