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New Detroit Security Contractors

The NDSC is a mercenary corporation based out of Funky City on Nepleslia. The group focuses primarily on small-scale security jobs, such as banks and office building compounds. The corporation's field assets are somewhat small, numbering only a battalion, but their forces are well-trained and equipped.

Corporate Hierarchy

CEO Dick P. Brown
President Enrique Explodanoches
Senior VP of Operations Dick P. Brown, Jr.
Asset Commanding Officer Commander Jonathan Q. Fightmaster X
Asset Executive Officer Captain Xavier Mouseymitts
Head Quartermaster James β€œBullets” Monroe


The NDSC was formed shortly after the Battle of Nepleslia in YE 26, attempting to cash in on the disastrous fight's aftermath. The organization was originally intended to be geared towards more of a fullblown private military corporation, but following a disastrous maiden mission with a large, untrained and poorly equipped force, the company downsized considerably to its current form.



  • 1250 field personnel
  • 25 training staff
  • 30 command personnel
  • 100 administrative personnel
  • 20 maintenance personnel


NDSC currently buys primarily from Styrling for its firearms and combat armor, although it still maintains a sizable armory of weaponry from Zen Arms, its previous supplier. The corporation moved to Styrling due to Zen's defection with the Red faction. In addition to a very large number of weapons, NDSC maintains a number of transport means for its personnel.

  • Two civilian helicopters
  • Five armored trucks
  • Fifteen sedans
  • Seven vans
  • Two Jilanth shuttles

Building Space

NDSC has three building compounds. Their administrative headquarters is in Funky City on Nepleslia, with their training facility and equipment base located on the Eastern shore of Hanya. They also maintain a small office in Prime City as their primary base for operations in the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse.

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