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Nemonian General Enterprises

A mid-sized corporation on the rise in the business world with suspected links to a family crime organization of a shockingly similar name.

Company Statistics
Established YE 31
Employees 5,200
Associated Factions Independent
HeadQuarters Planet Nepleslia
Nomenclature ID NGE
Nicknames NGE, The Family Business, The Launderers

Summary of Operations

Nemonian General Enterprises, is, as the name implies, a company of many daring ideas. With a small but devoted research and development team, NGE is devoted to the creation and manufacture and delivery of high quality ships, weapons, and a number of other miscellaneous products, in addition to a number of valuable services available to the public… -Public Representative’s opening speech excerpt

Pubically, NGE is a new cutting edge, family run corporation that is attempting to carve out a name for itself by offering high quality goods and services at competative prices. It focuses as much on the R&D side of the production as it does on the manufacturing and has a state-of-art research lab and a mid-sized manufacturing plant. Its current reputation is great to those that have dealt with the company before, but is otherwise unheard of among those who have had minimal to no dealings.

Unofficially and behind the scenes, NGE is a major money launder for the Nemo Crime Syndicate, who provided the start-up capitol, company security, and has helped ensure that political and police pressure on the local level is kept to a minimal. As such, NGE is able to offer a number of services to its clients that are typically more difficult to locate.

Board of Directors and Major Share Holders

The members of the Board that controls NGE are known only by their official titles (CEO, CFO, etc.) and with the total lack of public apperances and the suspected association with criminal organizations, there are rumors that there may only be one single individual at the top of the corporation pulling all the strings, with most rumors claiming that the business mastermind is one Frank Nemo X

Much of the stock is owned by a single individual, one Frank Nemo X, who controls a reported 40% of the company's shares, with two of his sons Gavin and Deavin Nemo owning 20% and 15% of the company's stock, respectivly. The last 25% is owned by a number of employees (5%), suspected criminals believed to be linked to the Nemo Crime Syndicate (18%), and a number of private and political investors (2%).

Products and Services





Civilian Products



  • Business Security
  • Home Invasion Security


Special Conditions Only1)

  • Money Laundering (“My piggy bank has gotten a little obese lately.”)
  • Assassinations (“I've got this kink in my neck I need taken care of.”)
  • Black Mail (“Hear about the guy who raped his own watch?”)
  • Intimidation (“Hear about what happened to the guy who kept company with Nekos?”)
  • Bombings (“I love fireworks, don't you?”)
  • Arson (“I just love a big bonfire, what about you?”)

Suspected Crimes

Thanks to the skills of the company’s huge law team, the company has never been convicted of any crime, regardless of the nature, skill, or determination of the prosecutors. Coincidentally, any prosecutors that seemed close to managing to get charges to stick and bring the company to court, have either mysteriously vanished, had bizarre and unusual accidents, or suddenly decided to drop the charges.

  • Money Laundering-Multiple investigations have been attempted, but each one either never found anything or was quickly called off.
  • Murder- No judge ever seemed willing to accept the case and local prosecutors quickly dropped the charges after the Attorney General for the area mysteriously vanished.
  • Kidnapping- Shortly after murder charges against the company were dropped, kidnapping charges were risen by the still missing Attorney General’s family. The charges were thrown out when the entire family, including their team of prosecuting attorneys, all mysteriously died in a series of vehicle malfunctions that ended in horrible explosions, coincidentally all of them occurred on the same day. There was no suspicion of foul play and no investigation was launched to determine the cause of the malfunctions.
Available only for high paying customers and only upon special request using the unique code phase for each act. See words in parenthesis. Code phase subject to change without notice.

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