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Nepletech is an upstart design company that started out as a drunken bet between Gary McGuiness and Alfred D Helmstead over who knew weapons better. Gary and his years of experience owning a shooting range and being a self taught armorer. Or Alfred and his degree in engineering. What started out as a bet became something of a hobby for the two men once they had finished their fistfight about who won their bet and came to recognize that the other man indeed knew a thing or two.


Nepletech is currently a private operation that is run out of Gary McGuiness' shooting range. Gary and Alfred hold joint license to the corporation more as a joke and hobby than an actual industry. Both men maintain their day job. Gary running his range and Alfred as an engineer at one of Funky City's power plants. Alfred does his designing on the computer in the Armory/Panic Room and Gary helps with the aesthetics of the designs along with machining mock up parts from time to time and keeping the fridge mostly stocked with the beer that fuels their designing.

Corporate Mission Statement

Nepletech's primary mission is to keep Gary and Alfred entertained. Though on the occasions when they come up with something good they save the design and attempt to submit it to NAM. After all what green Nepleslian citizen would come up with a way to kill the enemies of DIoN and not try to make it a reality.

Corporate Goals

  • Weapon Design
  • Armor Design
  • Keeping the Fridge full of Beer


  • Gary's Gun Grounds, Funky City


YE 31

Nepletech was originally conceived in YE31. Mostly as a joke. During this time Alfred and Gary worked on designs and not much else. This is when most of the designs that Nepletech we initiated.

YE 32

This is the year that Nepletech filed for their actual corporate license. Their design for the AS4GS was finalized and submitted to NAM.


Notable Members

  • Gary McGuiness
  • Alfred D Helmstead
  • Jane Yorna

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