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Neppies Burger Restaurant

Neppies is a chain of fast food joints dispersed throughout the Nepleslian Empire and headquartered on Nepleslia. Neppies serves its trademark three pound stim burger and a variety of other fast foods and alcoholic drinks both to customers walking into its semi-bar setting or using its drive through.

Neppy's Restaurant Interior1)


The definitive Nepleslian eating experience, and home of the universally renowned 3-Pound Stim Burger. Neppies Burgers stores are open 24 hours a day, and set in vibrant buildings, and opening a new franchise exactly every 30.6 minutes. The food is inexpensive and gut-rotting beyond all belief. It's also loaded with enough stimulants and barely-legal drugs to keep a 20-foot long Funky City Sewer Rat bouncing off the walls for a week. These reasons may be the causes for A. Neppies being the 3rd largest corporate entity in the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, following behind NAM and the Assembly of Weapon Producers and B. Neppies Burgers wrappers, and in some cases, the food itself, to constitute a full 20 percent of collected detritrus within the DIoN.

Neppies Burgers are notable for several things. One is the sheer size and potential lethality of much of their food due its ludicrously high concentration of drugs. Another is that Neppies makes about half of their revenue from firearm and liquor sales. One particular platter includes a 3-pound Stim Burger, a quart of whiskey, and four magazines worth of 9mm ammunition. Also, the chain is known for its extremely lax hiring policies and oppressive working environment. This often leads to ill-tempered criminals working under high levels of stress. This often leads to problems.

Neppies Burger joints can be found on almost any Nepleslian planet. Funky City alone seems to have at least one Neppies store for every 250 people.

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