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No-Y1-1a - Celestial Yacht

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

1. About the Ship

This ship was designed as a luxury Item for the use of civilians in getting themselves between planets and star systems in style. It became available in YE 30.

2. History and Background

Kai Nakamura originally came up with a doodle of a luxury yacht he would like to fly when on leave from the millitary. After mulling on his ideas he realized that there might be an unkown market for these types of craft and that he could make a few bucks over his soldier's pay by selling the design to a manufacturing company.

3. Statistics and Performance

Organizations Using This Vessel:Civilian Type:Luxury Yacht Class:Yacht Nomenclature: No-Y1-1a Designer:Kai Nakamura Manufacturer: NovaCorp Outreach Department Production:100 initial production Crew:Min-1 max-3 recommended-2 Pilots:1 Maximum Capacity:25 comfortably, 50 in an emergency Appearance:


Length:175 feet (53.34 meters) Width:Body-50 feet(15.24 M), with wings-120 feet (36.576 M) Height:body-45 feet (13.716 M), wings&antenna-65 feet (19.815 M) Decks:3 Mass:100 tons unloaded


Speed (STL): 0.001C to 0.55C Speed (CDD):19,240C Speed(Fold): 0.5 Ly/min Range: 6 Months at top speed Lifespan: 20-50 years Refit Cycle: approximately once a year

4. Roleplay Stats and Cost

Sections and Armor Rating

Hull:DR4 Wings:DR4 Engines:DR3

5. Inside the Ship

Deck Layout

There are three decks in this ship, the upper, observation deck has large windows to proffer a view of wherever the ship is. The observation deck also holds the bridge. The Main room of the deck is wide and luxurious, furnished with plush leather seating, tables, viewscreens and computer terminals at every seat. it can be retrofitted to suit anyone's personal taste.

the second deck, or main deck, holds the sleeping quarters, kitchen, restrooms, and a small med bay that is more of a medical storage closet than anything else.

The Bottom level is the storage and engineering level, which hold supplies for 2 people for 6 months. There is a small engineering section near the back.

Compartment Layouts

There are six luxury rooms that have ample room for two to four people to berth in comfort, they are on the main deck, right near the stairs leading down from the observation deck and continue down the hallway.

Standard Layout: The rooms furnished with one king-sized bed that can pull apart into two twin sized beds if needed. Each of these beds are able to be adjusted for comfort via a simple knob on the side. The rooms also have a tan leather sofa that has climate controls on the seat and back for extra comfort. The floors have a plush carpet, which is usually tan, and the walls Have solid cherry paneling which is highly polished. The ceiling matches the carpet and there is an ornate chandelier hanging from the roof.


The bridge is very small, and would be better described as a cockpit. It has two large seats which can be changed for personal preferences. It contains a communications suite capable of subspace and hyperspace communications over long distances.

Standard layout: There are two captain chairs, both made of plush tan leather with climate control and adjustable support. The carpet matches that of the rooms. All of the instruments are framed in a shiny chrome looking material.

Cargo Storage Areas

The bottom level is a large storage area, containing enough supplies to support two people for 6 months.


Engineering is located in the rear of the bottom level, to be closest to the engines and power source. It contains all the tools needed to service the ship.

Medical Center

The medical center is a small closet-like sterile room that holds all the medical supplies for two people for 6 months. It is barely large enough to accomodate surgery in extreme emergencies. Sick patients are better off confined to a passenger room unless surgery is being performed on them.


The Galley is a 15'X 15' room in the rear of the middle level. It can be outfitted to almost any layout the end buyer wants it to have. Behind this room is a 5' X 15' Kitchen, which is, of course, fully customizable to a client's specifications.

Standard Layout:There is a large polished mahogany table which is round and has a 10' diameter. It has matching ornate chairs, which, each set is unique to it's ship, though fairly similar in design. the table is accompanied by a chandelier, which is usually mirrored by the polished tabletop, creating a pleasing effect. Inside the kitchen, there is an oven, a 6 burner stove, and plenty of work surfaces and drawers for cooking implements and dishes. It has a three section sink, the middle section of wich has a garbage disposal machine inside. all three lead to a recycling and cleaning system which cleans the water and solid waste for possible reuse if necessary. Everything inside is brushed stainless steel, giving the place a very sterile look. There is a door leading to a set of steps that go into the storage area, for easy access.

6. Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The hull is made of fairly thin Durandium Plating, giving it a DR of 4

Power source

Quantum Foam Generator: This generator is the most advanced power source NovaCorp has. It taps into the Quantum of Space-Time foam that makes up the universe, a sea of virtual particles snapping in and out of existence, and wormholes existing for fractions of a second, and takes some of the energy from this. Quantum foam is an amazingly potential source of energy, enough energy to boil all of a planets ocean every second, for every cubic centimetre. However the NovaCorp generator is not up to this level of efficiency, and can only take in a fraction of this energy. The Celestial Yacht has two such generators, located in the rear of the ship. One is always on and the other is on for backup if one dies or for extra power in emergencies.

Computers and Electronics

The Celestial Yacht has a custom computer system called the Celestial OS. While not nearly as powerful as any military OS, the Celestial OS (COS from now on) is quite useful. It is capable of tracking 100 independant targets at any given time, and is more than capable of piloting the ship alone unless in an emergency situation, such as a pirate attack. It has a sub-sentient AI, which is perfectly capable of communication with others about the ship itself, or cooridanating landing/takeoff sequences. The AI is capable of being hosted by an Avatar, which can be ordered to the owner's specifications. This requires additional costs to the price of the Yacht. Another additional customization is the ability for the ship to be run by another computer system, though, as with the avatar, it is an additional cost do do this.

Emergency Systems

Throughout the ship are a number of Fire Extinguisher ๐Ÿงฏs, which can be used in case of small fires one would expect on a vessel of this nature. The emergency systems also encompass the room sectioning capabilities of the ship. In case of the unlikely event of a hull breach, there are several pressurization doors located throughout the ship that can be closed to prevent depressurization for unharmed areas.

Life Support Systems

The temperature, oxygen levels and other important things for comfortable living requirements are regulated through a cheap yet efficient environment system that is directly connected to each room on the ship. The main environment system core is held in the engine deck of the vessel.

The environment systems are also used to keep the air clean and clear of undesirable airborne agents. This filter system effectively keeps most diseases at bay while passengers are onboard.


The Celestial Yacht propels itself at speeds many times the speed of light by generating continuum distortions in the CDD and nesting them to create asymmetric peristaltic fields.This allows the Celestial Yacht to travel thousands of times the speed of light If necesarry. This Yacht uses a Combined Distortion Drive capable of generating small wormholes, navigating the quantum slipstream, and creating hyperspace fold points. Distortion-based systems allow the ship to stop or move nearly instantly because the Yacht has not โ€œmovedโ€ In the normal sense. Note That overuse or overexertion can damage the Hardware on the Yacht.

The Yacht's fold system can reposition the ship from one location/position to another in space. The time elapsed in real space will equal one minute for every half light-year the Yacht is from its original position. The hyperspace fold generator takes approximately three minutes to charge.

The Celestial Yacht uses a pair of inexpensive ion thrusters for backup. These particular thrusters are extremely fuel efficient, while at the same time sacrificing acceleration and overall speed of the vessel. These problems were more or less neglected, since acceleration and speed were never the emphasis of the STL ion drives, leaning more to the use of the FTL drive systems.

Shield Systems

The Celestial Yacht has very basic shield systems, Meant more to protect the ship from the elements, rather than from enemies. It is quite good at deflecting solid matter, such as meteors, space-rocks, small sattelites, and any other hazardous stuff out there, even some smaller scale solid ammunitions weapons. It is also Radiation shielding, helping keep the occupants of the ship from being fried. Overall, it has a DR of 3.

Weapons Systems

The weapons systems are completely defensive, and have very little, if any, offensive capabilities.

Main Weapons

Wing Mounted EMP cannons(2):

The wing mounted EMP cannons are meant as a deterrant against pirates and a means to slow down enemies as the Celestial Yacht escapes. The best case scenario has these things go unused, as they are a bit of a strain on the ship's civilian-grade systems. Primary Role: Defense DR value: 2-4, depending on power setting. Range: 10,000 Meters Rate of Fire: 1 shot every 3 seconds Payload effectively unlimited as long as the ship provides power, However, over-use can short out the system.

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