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Cleansing Ointment

NovaCorp was well aware that many people (primarily women) are willing to cover themselves with all variety of ointments and creams in order to make themselves fresher and more attractive. NovaCorp does not specialise in perfume or beauty treatments, but it did think that it could help cleanse the skin more efficiently than other products.

Appearance and Application

The ointment comes in a transparent glass pot with a black plastic screw on top. There’s a sticker on the side which has content information, a little blurb and a holographic NovaCorp symbol. The ointment itself is a rather fetching shade of dark blue.

To apply the ointment one simply dips ones fingers into the cream and then rubs it over the skin – only a very thin layer is needed. The cream applies very easily spreading over the skin partially of its own accord. The ointment now gets to work.


The ointment consists of both various chemicals including moisturizers and other cosmetic contents these are not the most significant part – these are nano-bots (actually a mixture of micro-cellular and macro-cellular machines) which devour dead skin cells and also hunt down any form of parasites are on the skin – especially eyelash and eyebrow mites (Ephesus finds the very concept of them disturbing). They also destroy fungi such as athletes foot, or ringworm. It does not however go sub-dermal to treat the causes of rashes and so forth.

The nano-bots naturally decay when not within the rest of the ointment – when the rest of it either evaporates or is absorbed by the skin. While the cream is acting there is a very mild tingling sensation.

  • Price: 10 KS per jar

OOC Notes

This article was created by Zakalwe. It was approved by Wes on September 21, 2006: Approval Thread

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