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No-K1-1a - Civilian Terrain Vehicle

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

Made early in NovaCorp's existence when the corporation was still trying to ensure its existence by appealing to the civilian market with low cost but reliable designs, the company released the Civilian Terrain Vehicle. It might better be termed an anti-gravity car, for that is what it is in effect: a land rover like car, with reinforced windshield and frame, which lacks wheels but propels itself above the road (or any other terrain) using an anti-gravity generator. The vehicle is fast, reliable and relatively cheap to run (relying on batteries you can charge up), and can even be used for proper flight (although this is not hugely recommended).

Manufacturer, Dimensions, and Crew Compliment

Type: Civilian Terrain Vehicle Engine: NovaCorp Gravity Manipulation Engine Model: No-K1-1a Designer: NovaCorp research and development teams which did not include Ephesus. Manufacturer: NovaCorp. Cost: 5,000 KS Crew: 1. Maximum Occupants: Five.

Appearance & Interior: The Civilian Terrain Vehicle appears to be much like a land rover. It lacks wheels of course, and is a quite a bit flatter and longer but it has roughly the same look. Seating wise there are five seating places, two in the front, three in the back. The driver is on the left hand side and uses a steering wheel. Pretty much everything is how you would expect it to be in a normal car, including a boot in the back, and a windshield at the front.

Length: 4m Width: 2m Height: 1.5m (when not floating)

Performance Statistics

Top Speed (STL): 250 mph. Acceleration (0-60mph): 5 seconds Top Speed (Aerial): 300 mph Top Speed (Water): Over water – 300 mph, it is unable of going underwater (at least not with the occupants being able to breathe) Range (Distance): Each battery lasts twelve hours of constant driving. Lifespan: Requires maintenance every two years.

Vehicle Systems

Body: The body of the car is made up of titanium-steel and aluminium (depending on the area).

Gravity manipulate unit: This is what takes up the room β€˜under the hood’, and it is easily the most advanced thing on the vehicle. It is capable of selective anti-gravity and gravity manipulation, effectively meaning that it can both negate the gravity from under it while using other gravity it generates cause it to move.

Music player: Four speakers around the car are capable of playing any music on the cars database (52 gigabytes worth of memory) or radio at all decent levels.

Batteries: The batteries of the Civilian Terrain Vehicles each last twelve hours, take three hours to charge up and cost 500 ks to purchase. The measure one foot by a foot and a half.

OOC Notes

This article was created by Zakalwe. It was approved by Wes on November 3, 2006: Approval Thread

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