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Gravity Manipulation Flight Suit

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

The Gravity Manipulation Flight Suit, marketed as β€˜Flight Suit’, is a new invention of NovaCorp – designed primarily for the civilian market.

The suit is, in its simplest form, a black polymer body suit covering the body consisting of a set of trousers, a top (which covers the face), gloves and thick sock like shoes. Incorporated into these garments are a series of bulges - each 18mm high and 80 mm wide - which contain gravitic effector. Each section of the garment is strengthened and reinforced by an internal mesh and composites - this ensures that the field generated by the effectors does not apply itself to too small a surface area and allow for a more comfortable ride - the torso contains what are in effect composite armored plates, and the torso, neck and thighs are significantly reinforced. The polymer itself is designed not maintain internal body temperature and resist high levels of drag and air-resistance/friction - and also keep the wearer pressurized. The different garments lock into each other through a series of latches which make them airtight. The effectors are distributed thus: two upon the chest, three upon the back, one on each thigh and shin, one on each upper arm and one on the back of the head - for a total of 12 generators. The sock/shoes contain a impact cushioning base which allows for landing with some force without damaging the ankle - along with reinforcement of the legs against shock.

The face-piece of the suit incorporates transparent lenses which covers the eyes and a air-porous area covers the mouth which also contains clamps which allow for the attachment of an oxygen mask and capsule.

There is another model called the 'Limited Model' which has much less powerful effectors, less reinforcement and does not cover the face - it allows for acrobatics and enjoyment but not high speed or high altitude flight.

Each of the effectors is capable of creating a gravitic field, although that all of them work in tandem they create what is effectively a singular gravitic field - each is capable of creating 225 lbs of force in a 1 g environment and in tandem at full power (which is not available in the majority of commercial models) can produce a field of 2700 lbs strength - thus giving it its speed. Through the effectors this field can be altered and changed to give it a great deal of maneuverability. The system uses a battery in each effector as well as a series of larger batteries housed within smaller 'bulges' on the back - these together (working with a network system) provide enough energy to provide enough energy for six hours of regular activity or three hours of high energy expenditure - before requiring to be recharged for one hour.

If the effectors align at full power the suit can generate a field capable of achieving a 'terminal velocity' of 157 miles per hour or 253 per hour. This is actually not the physical limit of the device but rather the inbuilt system limitation to preserve the life of the wearer - moving at even this speed is rather more than an average person will be able to tolerate and while the suit will keep the wearer alive, compensating for friction and temperature, the drag and turbulence means that movement becomes highly difficult and the physical direction system is no longer practical. The Limited model is capable of only going up to 80 mph, and usually requires the wearing of goggles. If one goes to a NovaCorp store and signs certain papers one can change or remove the limit - up to a possible limit of 423 mph. The suit is capable of going up into the stratosphere, maintaining body temperatures in environments of up to -90 degrees Celsius and using the ability to attach oxygen canisters.

The system used by those who are unfamiliar to the device is very simple - relying upon the direction of the wearers left hand. When the hand is pointed forwards the suit will move in that direction by modifying the gravitic field and so forth - with some training complex maneuvers can be conducted in this fashion. This is the only system that the Limited model incorporates.

An additional interface system is built into the head piece of the standard model - an EEG which reads signals within the brain which corresponds with movement and visual - a rather complex system to master, but once done allows the wearer to move with great movement and grace - allowing for vastly more complicated maneuvers.

While intended for Civilian use NovaCorp is willing to design more military grade models for any interested body.


  • Basic: 1300 ks
  • Limited: 800 ks
  • Oxygen Capsules: 20 ks

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