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No-H1-1a - Kante Border Monitoring Station

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

1. About the Kante

The Kante is a new craft from the NovaCorp, made to lie along the borders and to sense and to deter potential hazards crossing the border. The Kante is a mix between advanced technology (for NovaCorp's standard at the time) and the need for them to be mass produced. It appears to be a large black disk, covered with small black modules, and small protruding sensors (although the vast majority of them are inside for protection).

2. History and Background

The Directors of NovaCorp where already considering designing a craft to patrol the edges of the Kohana Cloud, when they got the idea from several of their sources that the Star Army might want a similar craft. A such they quickly set their teams to work, including resorting to Ephesus while he was still on the Destiny, and so the design was soon made, and the first few dozen where created.

3. Dimensions and Crew Complement

Organizations Using This Vessel: Star Army of Yamatai NovaCorp Type: Military border monitoring station Class: Kante No-H1-1a Designers: NovaCorp research and production teams Ephesus Kip Manufacturer: NovaCorp Production: Being prepared for mass production

Crew: None, it is completely automated Appearance: A large black disk, with protruding modules and retractable plates protecting the missile salvos.

Length: 200m Width: 200m Height: 100m Decks: 20 @ 5m ea. Mass: 20,000 metric tons

4. Performance Statistics

Speed (STL): 0.1c using gravitic drive (high maneuverability). No faster than light drive is installed on the Kante. Planetary: The Kante is not designed to go into a planets atmosphere, into a planets sea, or any fluid.

Range (Distance): The Kante is not designed to travel any distance from where it is deployed. Range (Support): Since it is fully automated, it requires no supplies. Lifespan: The Kante has self repairing features, and so has a lifespan of fifty years or more. Refit Cycle: None specified. Note: NovaCorp plans to release additional models with more specific purposes.

5. Inside the Kante

The Kante is not made to go inside; it is a complex highly compact design, with heavily protected systems, and with a central computer core.

6. Station Systems

Hull: The Kante’s hull is made of perfect Iron instead of the stronger materials due to its need to be mass produced quickly. The Hull is 1.5 metres thick. The interior of the Kante is also a made from perfect Iron, and has considerable EMI shielding using a variety of techniques, including refined lead, and advanced composites. Their are retractable perfect Iron plates cover the missile salvos. DR 5.

Sensor and Computer Systems: The computer and sensor systems are particularly advanced in the Kante, due to the need to detect ships crossing the border. The computer is an advanced AI.

AI: Ephesus spent a long time on these batch of AI’s. Each one is unique in its personality, but tends to have a innate innocence combined with a deep pragmatic nature, they are extremely patient, and spend their time scanning their space and conversing with other Kantes. They utilize a hyper-dense, partially quantum and trinary system to achieve extreme computing capabilities.


Unidirectional sensors: These include variable wide-band imaging clusters, long-range gravimetric and magnetic resonance, distortion sensors and spectrometers, These sensors sweep the area around the ship, but constant monitor the direction facing the border. They have a range of up to 7 light years.

Omnidirectional sensors: Subspace mass sensors are used, with a range of 20 light years. Aetheric/quintessential field/differential/particle/wave sensors have a range of 20 light years.

Field Systems:

Bubble Shield: The Kante has a powerful shield, capable of protecting it from light and medium strength weapons. It is reinforced by intelligent shield generators that greatly increase the strength of the shields where the AI predicts it will be needed, or where the shields are weakening. DR 5.

Gravitic Shield: This is not a powerful shield compared to that of other NovaCorp ships, due to the little used gravitic drive. It has the capability to significantly lessen the power of kinetic weapons, and to make the approach of small craft troublesome, swirling gravitic effects makes navigation of such craft hard. DR 4.


High Energy Xaser (HEX) Weapons (30):

These weapon modules are spaced over the ship, and serve to both take down incoming missiles, and to deter ships from crossing the border. The beams are targeted by the AI with surgical accuracy, and are used to a devastating effect beyond that which would be normally considered by their power. The Kante often rotates itself so it can use the largest possible number of HEX's.

Location: Placed over the rim of the Kante Primary Purpose: Anti-starship Secondary Purpose: Anti-starfighter, Anti-missiles Damage: 5-6 Range: 20,000 km Rate of Fire: Three second bursts, with Β½ rests between shots. Payload: Effectively unlimited as long as the power source is functioning.

Hyper Spatial Torpedoes:

These torpedoes are designed to travel through hyper space to get to their target, and if possible materialize inside the ships shields. When it materializes it drags a large quantity of energy of hyper space with it, dealing extra damage combined with its 20 megaton yield anti-matter warhead. The Torpedo is fitted with its own shield and guidance systems, and travels in a way to make it harder to detect, and to shoot down. It is often directed by the Kante's AI, or by its own systems. There are five launcher pods on the Kante.

Warhead: Hyper Spatial Fold Anti-matter torpedo. Purpose: To destroy enemy vessels, a long range Damage: 6-7 Range: 30 Light Years Rate of Fire: Individually, or in volleys of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 from each pod. Payload: 200 Missiles each.

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