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Type 1 Hyper Spatial Torpedo

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

Manufacturer: NovaCorp

The first of the range of HST's this weapon was designed as the primarily weapon of the notable No-H1-1a - Kante Border Monitoring Station. These torpedoes are designed to travel through hyper space to get to their target, and if possible materialize inside the ships shields. When it materializes it drags a large quantity of energy of hyper space with it, dealing extra damage combined with its 20 megaton yield anti-matter warhead. The Torpedo is fitted with its own shield and guidance systems, and travels in a way to make it harder to detect, and to shoot down. It is often directed by an AI, or by its own systems.


Warhead: Hyper Spatial Fold Anti-matter torpedo. Purpose: To destroy enemy vessels, a long range Range: 30 Light Years

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system. Damage: 4 SDR

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