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Type 1 Photon Lance

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

Manufacturer: NovaCorp

The Photon Lance or Lesser Theory Cannon works upon Unification Cannon technology, working upon the principle that at high energy level, the forces begin to merge and become one. This weapon unites elector-magnetic and the weak nuclear force at energies in excess at 90 Giga-Electron-Volts, forming the Electroweak force. The photons used as the carrier particle in this weapon, once they achieve this energy level, have the ability to interact with the weak nuclear force, and as such are able to disrupt the bonds between neutrons and protons that keep them together, causing the nucleus to fly apart and releasing a large explosion as a secondary effect. It is a two stage weapon in that after the beam hits it usually creates a secondary effect of fusion amongst the material which makes up the ship.


Primary Purpose: Anti-ship. Secondary Purpose: Planetary Bombardment Range: 6 AU (takes 50 minutes to reach destination) Payload Effectively infinite as long as the generators are activated Rate of Fire: One (0.1 Yottawatt) pulse every 0.25 seconds or one 2 second (1.2 Yottawatt per second) beam with a one second recharge rate

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system. Damage: 4 SDR

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